Monday, May 21, 2018

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

Sarah McLachlan leaves her bridge-twin, freeway-building supporter manager

Nettwerk’s Terry McBride, a very public supporter of Liberal leadership candidate Kevin Falcon, has lost highest profile client, Sarah McLachlan. She’ll stay with the label, though.

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Live, from the Seattle City Dump, it's JP Patches

From 1953 to 1981, JP Patches was morning TV crack for millions of kids in BC and Washington state.

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Vancouver's street art in pictures

The Dependent has a great video on the City’s street art.

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Memorials to our Missing Women

Megaphone has a look at the festive and solemn names of Missing Women created in flowers.

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Councillor Heather Deal hopes that we can actually carry a beer outside at a festival

The City is working through it’s new Pro-Fun City policies. Read it for some Irwin Oostindie goodness.

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Relive the Onlympics - Only's live coverage of the Winter Games Opening Ceremonies

Members of Only Magazine and The Society for The Preservation of Historic Revelry met in a downtown media gondola to cover and broadcast the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics live via the interweb. In addition we included feeds from Toronto and London, UK.

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New Pornographer's have a new video out

The New Pornographer’s have a new video out. This has been your government mandated message.

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About that huge turnover of staff at City Hall. Not so much.

It sure is a bloodbath of staff, at City Hall, right? Staffers tossed off the roof every evening, masked by the sound of the 9 o’clock gun. Frances Bula, however, begs to differ, and says that the turnover is pretty much as it has ever been.

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Remembering the Only (the cafe)

Hmm. The Only cafe? What a great name. Our lawyers swear that we have never heard of it before. Here’s a nice feature on it.

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Eric Nicol 1920 - 2011

Eric Nicol, one of the funniest journalists to ever write for The Province (and The Ubyssey for that matter) has died, aged 91.

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