Friday, June 22, 2018

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

Credit Check: Sun managing editor moves to the CBC; the Mother Corp was nice while it lasted

+10 Conrad Black is back and wants another crack at media ownership while it is cheap

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Credit Check: Newsflash - Cambie merchant does not blame Skytrain for problems!

+10 Worse than cars, worse than bikes, are cyclists.

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Credit Check: the 35 quietest places to eat in Vancouver

+10 The 35 quietest restaurants in Vancouver.

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Quaid investigator had to quit and file a restraining order

It gets weirder and weirder. According to Bob Mackin, ‘[Becky] Altringer was hired by the Quaids last year to investigate the alleged conspiracy [to have them killed], but ended up quitting and filing a restraining order against the couple, who ran up a $19,000 bill. Randy packed up his briefcase and said, ‘I’ve had enough Evi, I’m leaving, I can’t do this anymore’ and started walking away,” Altringer said. “She started screaming at him ‘get back here right now!’ He came back.’

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Credit Check: Naked girls in cages at UBC and you didn't even read the rest of this line

+15 This is what it means to live in the city – not having a high school fight in a corn maze. Also, Vancouver Sun, you called it a ‘rumble’? Are you the Fonz?

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Destroy Nickleback with laserbeams!

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Credit Check: Drunk, plain-clothed, off-duty cop punched newsy out of professionalism

-15 Police officer testifies that he punched a newsy because he was not co-operating with the drunk, plain-clothed, off-duty man who was (allegedly) attempting to rob him

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Credit Check: Bike lanes to be the election issue for 2011 for people who hate them

+5 Frances Bula does a round up of who is running for City Council in 2011 in our new world of permanent elections

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Credit Check: 12 people will die on October 19th is the alleged scary graffito in West Van

-20 12 people will die on October 19th is, according to CKNW, the very scary graffito painted on West Vancouver Secondary School two weeks ago

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Credit Check: Condo touter to class warrior - shh, we're trying to sell Olympic Village condos here

+10 Bob Rennie to Michael Geller: shut up.

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