Friday, March 23, 2018

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Prior Restraint

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Like Ben was saying

THE spiteful boot of the law kicked us all in the throat again last weekend when the big brains at the Vancouver’s Police Department preemptively halted shows at both the Cobalt and the Asbalt in light of the looming threat from Halloween. Last month when the punk house on 12th and Main—already slated for demolition—went down in flames, the area had to be cordoned off and the SWAT team called in and the whole thing, blah blah, you remember.
Vancouver’s finest must’ve still been sore about the brouhaha and went looking for an outlet to show off their dominance, so you knew it was time to release the small cock of the law again and show those punks what it really means to wear a uniform. Invoking the lame and socially impaired doctrine known as Prior Restraint, the scariest new weapon from a Police Department that fancies posturing like a street gang, the police informed Wendythirteen that they had no interest in a repeat metal cookout and that she would be wise to OBEY!! So the show would not be going on as planned.
Now, certainly there is that connection of members of the band at the Astoria show being at the house wrecking in question, but you would really have to be a complete champ if you sensibly surmise that people are just going to start burning down one of the few half decent estsblishments for the community, devil’s night or no, over some bloody house when people honestly couldn’t have expected anything less after evicting it’s long term punk residents. In the case of the Cobalt; the show, a dance party with a mainly younger crowd was moved at the last minute to Pat’s Pub, and amazingly Pat’s withstood the endless volleys of Molotov cocktails and copies of the Necronomicon that never came to cleanse them all with flames.
In the end, Wendythirteen has proven again that she knows when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em, but the saddest thing is how transparent this payback initiative is, coming from those omnipotent deductive thinkers with a nifty badge and gun. If this type of social prevention was practiced regularly, the Granville Mall would likely be locked down tighter than Pamela Martin’s chin on every given weekend. That would really smear up their entertainment oasis’ reputation and it just doesn’t hold the same raw excitement, arresting well-dressed and vomiting Kitsilano cokehead offspring. At least Stone Temple is still standing.

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