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Filmy Bars

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ITEM: The Georgia Straight reports that the Piccadilly Pub has ended its run as an indie rock venue and will open next month with an upscale country-style theme and half-naked waitresses dancing on the bar. The 2000 film Coyote Ugly inspired the as-yet-unnamed club’s owners.
Many club goers do not realise that films have inspired most Vancouver venues. As a public service, we offer a chart, matching club to inspirational film.

23 West: The Crow
50 Bourbon Street: A Night At The Roxbury
Anza Club: Earth Girls Are Easy
The Arch: From Justin To Kelly
Asbalt: Hard Core Logo
Au Bar: Looking For Mr. Goodbar
Backstage Lounge: Ass Bandits III
Bar None: Body Shots
Brickyard: Fubar
Bukowski’s: Forrest Gump
Cambie: Porky’s
Candybar: Starstruck
Caprice: We’ve never seen this movie
Celebrities: Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert
The Cellar [Broadway]: Bird
The Cellar [Granville]: Outbreak
Cherry Malibu: Glitter
Commodore: Ishtar
The Dufferin: Can’t Stop The Music
Fairview Pub: Tree’s Lounge
Ginger 62: Gigli
Hot Jazz Club: Cocoon
Lick: Bound
The Main: Fiddler On The Roof
Marine Club: The Abyss
Media Club: Girl, Interrupted
Mesa Luna: Save The Last Dance
Met: Deliverance
The Odyssey: The Crying Game
Penthouse: Casino
The Plaza: Mall Rats
Pumpjack: Lost Boys
Railway: The Commitments
Regal Beagle: Nothing But Trouble
Red Room: Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde
Richard’s On Richards: Rock Star
The Royal: American Werewolf In London
Roxy: C.H.U.D.
Side Bar Lounge: Spanking The Monkey
Shine: Party Monster with extra Macaulay Culkin
Skybar: They Live
Shark Club: Wall Street
Sonar: The Crow 2
Stone Temple: Over The Top
Tokyo Lounge: Lost In Translation
Voda: American Psycho
WISE Hall: Footloose
Yale: Jurassic Park

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