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Legoland, Where Bricks Are For Kids

Torn from their parents’ Hippie commune, young Penny and Ezra Lamb struggle to cope with the horrors of high school and the snap-together values and plastic people of the real world, which they refer to as “Legoland.” Penny finally discovers love in the lead heartthrob of boy band 7-Up, only to have it crushed with his foul-mouthed hop-hip comeback solo album featuring chainsaw rape. So, she and her demented brother embark on a road trip to Florida to confront him with love and a mean ukulele, bankrolling their journey dealing from their abundant supply of prescription drugs.

Celine Stubel as Penny is a black-bobbed hellion with a heart of tinsel and lace soaked in gasoline. She appears ready at any moment to simultaneously dissolve into tears of angst-ridden love or burst into flames of righteous confusion. Ezra, a miniature Edgar Allan Poe in a black cape, is that terrifying little boy you used to babysit who could turn pancake mix into a fragile explosive if you didn’t let him watch Muppet Babies.

The show is phenomenal. Every line a throwaway zinger, every scene an instant favourite until the next comes along. Stubel and Amitai Marmorstein, playing Penny and Ezra Lamb, never falter nor miss a beat of an intense, complex and deceptively complicated show. I watched Legoland with a broken rib, the pain of laughing nearly killing me, which just made it the more sweet.

Also useful to know, high school students get in for five bucks!

March 18 – 22, 2008 at 8:00pm at Performance Works, 1218 Cartwright Street Granville Island.

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