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The Fringe

Fringe Festival illustration by Alan Hindle

Another Fringe descends upon Granville Island like a swarm of candy-coloured bumblebees to sting you with laughter and tears and maybe make some honey. Having covered the last few Fringes, having been bribed to see so many past shows, I am now vaguely familiar with most everybody on the circuit, so here are several plays you must see. More on Only’s website, plus regularly downloaded reviews until I run ragged or some cast member from The Spice of Life succeeds in finally murdering me. Get yourself a Fringe guide from somewhere and go dance with the bees.

Cocktails With Lucky Eights
Lucky is one of the few British talk show hosts today who manages to make alcoholism look attractive even for exceptionally tall, unattractive people. His creator, Jason Bryden is possibly the funniest improv comic in Vancouver and the only man in history to make a genuinely entertaining commercial for KFC. Each night from Sept 10 at 6pm Lucky will interview one or more of the other acts from the Fringe, enabling you to have a lovely hour snorting beer through your nose and then be inspired to see other things. In a world of ‘”There Are No Dead Certs” this is a dead cert.

Lazy Susan
Theatre Under the Gun is the annual festival in which the best local small theatre companies scramble to devise a sketch in next-to-no-time using an assigned image, phrase and scrap of music/sound. It’s the theatrical equivalent of having to assemble IKEA furniture with a bomb strapped to your back, but often the results are spectacular. One of the best last year was from Theatre Melee, who have reworked theirs into this larger piece. For romantic necrophiliacs and Swedish fundamentalists everywhere.

Thomas Baxter’s Thought Control: Psychological Mysteries
I’m going out on a limb for this one. Or maybe I only… think… I am. This could be an astronomical dud bigger than our new tenth planet out past Pluto. It’s described as hilarious Thought Control, and that’s always good for a guffaw, but it could also be fascinating and unnerving. Or you could come out a chicken. I remember my mother went to see Ravine once, the famous mass-hypnotist entertainer, who commanded her to pull every beard she saw, uncontrollably. She got pissed and attacked Ravine instead and pulled every hair out his dumpling head. That was funny. Bald Ravine.

Cannibal! The Musical
Written by Trey Parker of South Park fame, but, oddly, not the same folks who just played it in the Victoria Fringe last week. Different cannibals.

Terri-Lyn (Hope Slide) Storey is one of the consistently best, most thoughtful performers on the Fringe circuit. Written by Kate Twa this show is a stew of sex and science and its press photo has Storey covered in oatmeal to simulate burns. That doesn’t feature in the show. Pity.

Patti Fedy in… Lovers Rock! Jonno (last years Cactus) Katz’s Jolly Roger, Cara Yeates’ Knee Deep in Muck. TJ Dawe in everything he’s ever done.

The Fringe goes from Sept 8 – 18, 2005

  1. Gölök Z. L. F. Buday

    If fringe is trying too hard; which is funny since major political parties and their rank-in-defilers are considered to be “mainstream” when trying too hard to get attention (not their position’s attention). So are fringe art, entertainment and humanities “mainstream” or is Larry Campbell “fringe?”

    The trouble with these “fringe” “art” folk is that they are more in it for the attention and propaganda ministry corporate welfare than for creative expression.


    Gölök Z. L. F. Buday
    (I only placed the above because of the art issue; it relates; no pressure.) - Sep 5, 03:38 pm

  2. Fringe Performer

    You’ve got us. We are only in it for the attention and propaganda ministry corporate welfare cause it’s so lucrative.

    Sweet Jesus…. - Sep 7, 09:45 pm

  3. alan

    Golok, you pleb, what are you talking about? There is no government subsidies for Fringe performers! There’s hardly any out there even more large, mainstream, established theatre companies. Even the Playhouse is limping bravely along. These people come from all over, PAYING for the privilege of being in the Fringe, IF they apply in time. What they get is the ticket sales, as the Fringe contents itself on living on government scraps (granted) and the two-dollar “pass” folks purchase at the start of the festival. As for being attention seekers, how else do you think you get folks to watch your work? Perform alone in a corn field and they will come? Furthermore, Golok, for somebody who basically uses Only’s website as your personal forum to vent or sell yourself as a mayoral candidate, I don’t think you should be one to talk. Only patently doesn’t screen your comments because we think you have a right to a voice, and are willing to be the canvas for you to yammer away, but don’t be so fucking hypocritical as to assume nobody else out there should be allowed to put on a show. Now go see some plays and support your local fucking artistic community and start acting like a future fucking mayor. Excuse my language. Can I have the key to the city now? - Sep 7, 11:01 pm

  4. Gölök ZLF Buday

    You asked for it Alan, “The Only’s Owner” Hindle and the fact is in this statist world there is a grant almost everything and everyone, especially if they do some campaign work for any winning candidate unless it;s some individualist libertarian minded philotician like me winning. I don’t know if you read anything, but I think if you want to play mister “Liberal” you could at least spell my name right with the umlauds, something even I can be “culturally sensetive” about. I don’t want the attention as you plainly try to point out, I am pissed now because you just glanced at my commentary with no sense of context or tolerance of differences of opinion; oh and guess what it was designed to make a comment, something I do not do on every article.
    I hope Darren cans your ass. You seem to be a wannabe him, and might TCW him one day. Mutiny your already The Contrarian Whiner.

    Gölök Zoltán Leenderdt Franco Buday
    “Liberty is not collective, it is personal. All liberty is individual liberty.”
    —Calvin Coolidge (1873-1933), 30th US President

    Source: Speech, 1924 - Jul 11, 07:51 pm

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