Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Piss Batteries

Yep, this battery runs on piss. The environmentally kosher and unintentionally-well-named NoPoPo rechargeable battery is now available (in… Japan) in AA and AAA, and can potentially last up to ten years if you don’t reef on it all the time. Sadly, it doesn’t have to be your piss (most other bodily fluids or water-based liquids will do), but the point here folks is that it can be your piss. It can and it will be.

The concept’s been around for a while, but previous designs have been a pain to market and generally involved a bag of some type. This guy is nifty because it looks like a battery, is a battery, and has a fun little baster you can jab right in your toilet bowl, urethra, colostomy bag – dealer’s choice, really. And while the real show is the battery itself, lest we forget that fun little baster. You’d have to do some kinda Kegel’s to get those few drops into to that thing no-spills, so the alcoholic and elderly crowds would be left in the cold. Again.

  1. Scott PM

    Still waiting for a piss adapter for my iPod.

    - Sep 12, 09:20 pm

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