Friday, June 22, 2018

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The Finest Rap Song Ever Composed About the Skytrain

Everyone hates taking the SkyTrain. It’s cramped, uncomfortable, the people stink and it doesn’t go anywhere. Everyone has to take the SkyTrain. How else would you buy drugs in Surrey or visit Metrotown for its two Champs stores and its two A&W’s? You wouldn’t.

Vancouver rap legends Emotionz and DJ Moves have now come up with the single most definitive song about this city’s monorail. Using the simple sample that sounds off every station and the voice of “that bitch on the intercom” they have produced the best rap song of the summer and maybe the best song about Vancouver ever.

  1. Lucas

    shit yes. fantastic! who are the dancers?

    - Dec 12, 06:12 AM

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