Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Lucy, 20. She's lost.

Lucy was lost in Vancouver on a Saturday. She is 20.

ONLY: Where are you trying to go?

Lucy: I’m trying to find the T&T grocery store. Is it supposed to be here?

ONLY: Oh you’re really close, don’t worry.

L: On the map it looks to be right here.

ONLY: Here, we’ll walk and talk. Are you a student?
L: Yes.

ONLY: How long have you lived here for?

L: I moved here only in September.

ONLY: What do you think of Vancouver so far?

L: Oh I like it very much.

ONLY: What would you say are Vancouver’s biggest problems right now?

L: Um… I don’t think it has any problems.

ONLY: Really?

L: I’m very happy here.

ONLY: Yeah yeah, me too. But still. Not one problem?

L: I was just lost, but I’m fine now.

ONLY: Ok. Um, what are you shopping for today?

L: I am… Ha. I don’t know how to say in English I don’t think.

ONLY: You’re doing really well though.

L: Oh. Thank you so much.

ONLY: You’re welcome. What is your favorite thing to do here?

L: I am studying always. But I like going to eat. Singing.

ONLY: Well, here we are. This place has lots of crazy fish.

L: Yes I think so. Okay! Thank you!

  1. Gölök

    Damn! Looks tempting to put that store’s logo over my apartment door.
    My degenerate senses are tingling or is it the crabs, hmmmmm, damn damn damn ohhhhhh yeah, that’s it.

    Gölök Zoltán Buday
    “Giant potholes are the footprint of big government, that’s how you know it’s there.” — Gölök Z.L.F. Buday

    - Feb 19, 04:37 pm

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