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Poster Guy

Chuck Ansbacher photo

This guy was taking down posters on Granville St. I bet he’s about 50.

Only: Do you work for the city?
Guy: No, no I don’t have to.
O: Why not? Why are you taking these posters down?
G: I volunteer for the city.
O: You volunteer for the city?
G: They’re on the wrong post.
O: They’re on the wrong post?
G: Yup. You’re putting ’em on the wrong post. Put ’em on the right post. That over there’s legal.
O: Do you hate the posters?
G: What?
O: Why do you take them down?
G: I’ve got nothing wrong with the posters. They’re just on the wrong post.
O: Why have you taken it upon yourself to take them down?
G: Don’t want a dirty city, eh?
O: Do you think there might be better ways for you to …
G: It’s litter. Actually it’s littering, eh?
O: It’s not on the ground.
G: It’s litter— I don’t have time for this.
O: Lot’s of posters to take down?
G: If you got a complaint then phone the city about it.
O: I’m not complaining, I’m just …
G: Or phone the police if you want. I’ll call ’em for you.
O: Um—
G: I’m pretty sure they’d be on my side.

  1. Gölök Z. .L. F. Buday

    Good for him, the ironic thing, is that if it’s true he’s slaving for the City ruled by a COPE and now Partly Vision Incumbents that posted signs illegally and as far as I know got away with it; not to mention their lawn signs out side of the St. David Anglican voting site in Hastings-Sunrise.

    But yeah, the cylendars are there, I tell any potential supporter about this, and I also think gentlement like this should be hired with salary after a police unit deals with punishing offenders, if they can find them.
    Collective groups are easy.
    The COPE wins should have been forefit over this.

    How hard is it to follow these sensable rules.

    A tad goody goody to do it for free.


    Gölök Z. .L. F. Buday
    (sorry IE users, Cap Sensetive, I disagree and worry about the move but if paying for Opera is so hard, it’s free now.) - Oct 1, 02:30 pm

  2. Chuck

    Don’t ever comment on any of my shit again. - Oct 1, 05:45 pm

  3. Gölök Z. .L. F. Buday

    A tad sensetive and authoritarian now aren’t you.

    Gölök Z. .L. F. Buday - Oct 1, 05:58 pm

  4. Sean Orr

    Hey I’m sensetive. What’s sensetive? What does opera have to do with anything? As a matter of fact, what the shit does COPE have to do with anything? This is about a fucking self martyred scrooge who takes it upon himself to remove local (usually) posters that he deems illegal. Its actually NOT illegal. There was a precedent set by a kid in Quebec whose lawyes argued that because the poster was in no way altering the function of the lampost, which is of course to provide light onto the street below, it was not to be considered mischief. I should know. I used it my case.

    So after you learn how to spell check, learn how to fact check. - Oct 2, 05:40 am

  5. Gölök Z. L. F. Buday.

    Sensetive is weak to disagreement and authorative; intolerant of diverse speech and expects any “opposition” to be qualified by you first. A think skined weekling usually raised with a silver spoon in his or her mouth with issues of entitlement. A guy who uses the “nice guy” routine and/or the “agreeable” or “yes dear” routine to get laid and obtain a possible trophy wife and body for long term use. Someone who can’t handle debate with all standing views and competition. Totalitarian and force their self-restrained free will on someone elses free will.

    Quebec is not Vancouver or BC, the precident can not violate the federalism that Canada is supposed to follow. This is hardly Central-Fed Precident….Also,, with the exception of those who do not believe in the sanctity of the separation of the legal and legislative branch, lawyers are not law makers.
    Facts to check….Maybe join the election as a candidate and read that information….
    Sign laws and locations.

    As for Opera, I mentioned that because when IE users went to cap sensative directories they end up on Reroute 404! I also prefer it to Firefox (my test or secondary browser) and Netscape. It was a browser issue. Read things thuroughly rather than bitching about spelling mistakes without pointing them out, which are likely typos; but massive intolerance is likely too blinded by the Ra worship to see beyond the logical box and inside to a fourth dimention of abstract thought not typical and expected by you.

    “Beyond Robson” is intrigueing despite it’s subtle “Well Intentioned LIberal” guilt nature.


    Gölök Z. L. F. Buday.
    “Small Government’s A Start”—Gölök Z. L. F. Buday. (Seeking 2005 Vancouver Mayor’s Seat, Sought in 2002 and 1996). - Oct 2, 09:35 am

  6. Angelo Renai

    have a look at my website … this guy cant’t rip em down ! - Oct 2, 11:52 pm

  7. Gölök Z. L. F. Buday

    Lovely looking site. I’d never tare thast down. may work as well; maybe if lamps
    should say, “post no bills.” Notice that’s the only
    law or rule that never gets broken; rape and murder happens,
    but when you post a stamp saying “post no bills” it’s respected,
    maybe we need to stamp people “rape no girls [or whatever]” and
    Kill no People” on fellow human beings and see how that works out.

    [% Response.CacheControl = ” no-cache” %] [% Response.AddHeader ” Pragma” , ” no-cache” %] [% Response.Expires = -1 %]

    (I am using OPera 8.5, if this helps; yes I did have to pay for 8.02 around a week before it went free and am pissed.).

    I’ll be happy to link your site on mine, if I forget over the few days, let me know; it will likely be on the second page in.

    Nice to see a site and not the typical conformity of a blogger.

    Gölök Z. L. F. Buday
    “The trouble with political jokes,
    is too often they get elected.” —Michael Dalton Johnson ( - Oct 4, 04:54 am



  9. Cameron

    why – do – you – care?
    it’s street level promotion. it’s the only way to get the word out about everything artistic and political with a $10 budget. paper a pen and some tape and time.

    you can hardly argue that people should find a new way to reach the vast amount of people that they can by cheap posters with a budget of $10 and some foot work.

    the designated poster polls are run by a monopoly. did you know that? a couple guys get paid to put up posters all around the city on the “legal” polls and make sure that no others are posted.

    this is how they make money. they spend so much time on it that if i post one in the morning it’ll be gone by 12 in the afternoon.

    did you know that? is it irrelevant to the debate? are you seriously running for mayor? how do these posters effect your life?

    this is the least of the cities worries. - Oct 10, 09:40 pm

  10. Chuck

    Cadillac Grills… - Oct 11, 12:11 am

  11. Gölök Zoltán Buday

    Why care? No one opposed this, it’s just that it is allowed on cylinders; I guess some weren’t tought “this is what you have, this is what you have to like,” as a kid. I’d like to see maybe a few more cylinders but it’s not an excuse for not using it. Oh that’s one hell of an exaggeration; I’d never make it to city hall let alone be allowed to run for Mayor on house arrest.

    Gölök Zoltán Buday

    City Site—Candidate Profiles - Oct 11, 07:59 am

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