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Janet, Telus Picketer

Photo by Chuck Ansbacher

Janet is 46. She is a Telus Picketer.

( I really wanted to chat with one of those high-class hookers that hang out on Seymour St. for this issue, but I went down there the other night and none of them were into it. I even offered them some cash, but all I got was “fuck off.” So the next day I went up the street to the Telus building, and asked Janet the same questions I would have asked one of those whores.)

Only: How long have you been working the streets?
Janet: We’ve been out here for seven weeks.
O: Do you experience much harassment from the locals?
J: No, we get a lot of support from the people that walk by. I would say 95 percent of the people that walk by give us encouragement, thumbs up, smile, ask us questions. And the ones that harass us are usually the nutters. The looney tunes. The ones without a brain in their head.
O: Did you ever imagine that you’d be doing this with your life?
J: No. It hurts me. Horribly. I’m a huge optimist, and I’ve been watching these proceedings for four and a half years, and I never ever thought it would get to this. I’m shocked.
O: Do you think that your customers are repulsed by scabs?
J: Yeah I think they are. By and large most of our customers understand that Telus is more interested in the bottom line than giving good customer service. They realize that we bend over backwards and have a lot of expertise in what we do, and they also know that this dispute is not about money. It’s about job security and keeping jobs in Canada.
O: What do you think of Robert Dayton?
J: Who?

  1. no big deal

    Made a more interesting story then the girls in front of the penthouse would have. - Sep 15, 08:35 am

  2. joe scab

    This chick is nuts. Fighting for job security.. yeah right - Sep 15, 12:26 pm

  3. downtown liv(er?)

    These “picketers”, I swear… Job security? come on, this is the 2000s (heck, this was also the case in the 90s), Job security is your ability to get rehired; your marketability.

    From what I understand from the coverage on this event, telus is offering employment security and will train people at other jobs at the same salary. Hell, I wish i was working for telus.

    Get real strikers, the world is not like it was in 1950 where you had the same job for your whole life… - Sep 15, 12:59 pm

  4. joe public

    These people are merely trying to negotiate a deal, just like their CEO would, except that this company has been doing everything it can to avoid a reasonable outcome. Getting mad at the strikers to be missing the point! Telus has broken laws, and refuses to allow a third party mediator to oversee a reasonable outcome, but instead uses replacement workers and allows their customers to rot while attempting to lower the value of these jobs. Obviously it is not a dispute over any single issue, but some simple minded people will gravitate to a singular concept and write off the 13,000 workers who are out only due to a corporate bully who has not made a clear effort to resolve the dispute to this date. Good for you Janet, and all of your peers! Someone needs to have the guts to stand against corporate greed. - Sep 15, 01:32 pm

  5. fighting for the middle class

    It is a shame when the uniformed decied to post what they do not know.
    We are “locked out” by our employer. If you live in BC 100% lockout, If you live in AB, well come on in…but only if you are: I & R or mobility ; clerical people need not try to come back ! (the company says we are all welcome to come back to work in AB but this is 100% crap)
    We are out supporting our union because we want a “negotiated” contract not an “imposed” contract. If this “company-imposed” contract goes through we can all kiss the middle class goodbye in Canada. Now scabies, explain THAT to your children & grandchildren. This is about a future for ALL Canadians.
    Its a disgrace that a CEO figures his worth is worth a 6.2 bonus but the employees who got him that bonus are not worth a negotiated contract for the past 4.5 years. - Sep 15, 01:35 pm

  6. fighting for the middle class

    Sorry my fingers got ahead of me; last paragraph should read:
    Its a disgrace that a CEO figures his worth is worth a 6.2 Million Dollar bonus but the employees who got him that bonus are not worth a negotiated contract for the past 4.5 years. - Sep 15, 01:38 pm

  7. get real

    this is a cheap attempt by you to get your cheap magazine are a media embarass me - Sep 15, 01:48 pm

  8. Tom Janks

    “Job Security”- what a F-ing joke. If it were any other jon than a Union Job you’d have to rely on your own skills and talents to keep your job, not your date of hire and a vague threat to cause social unrest.

    You’ve had a good 30 years to build marketable skills, if you’re afraid that you wouldn’t “make it” elsewhere, you’ve neglected your own responsibility. - Sep 15, 02:28 pm

  9. Terry Joyce

    Yo, Tom Janks. It’s about job security in that the TWU is asking, “Please don’t outsource my job.” Many TELUS positions (half?) can be filled overseas for much less.

    That OK with you, Tom Janks? Are you OK with skilled jobs being shipped out to take advantage of weak labour laws and deflated currencies?

    As a TWU member, we can survive outside of TELUS. It’s just that nearly every other telecom-related job is overseas or pays much less (telecom crash=justification for wage cuts). Bummer, that. - Sep 15, 02:45 pm

  10. no big deal

    How can people come on here and bash telus workers for trying to secure a better job and thus a better future. Are you people insane? Since when was unions and job security a bad idea? Are you so cynical and pissed off that you would rather attack other working/middle class citizens then a giant money hungry corporation? - Sep 15, 07:47 pm

  11. SmartScab

    There is no job security in a global economy. Jobs WILL leave Canada if they can be performed somewhere else cheaper. A lot of jobs have come to Canada because we can do them cheaper. It goes both ways.

    Things will balance out in the med to long term, but will be painful in the short term.

    As for the TWU; if you think you can keep people from returning to work…you are SO WRONG. All your childish tactics are hurting your reputation. The facts are in and it’s clear that the company can operate without you for a long time. - Sep 15, 07:49 pm

  12. SmartScab

    You are fighting the wrong enemy.

    You sould be fighting the government which allows jobs to go overseas and take advantage of poor labour laws. The government(s) are at fault. Companies are driven by the bottom line…period. - Sep 15, 07:55 pm

  13. the day telus licked my sweaty balls

    Allow me to say only this:

    Those of you who work for TELUS…I pity you. Your company is a bureaucratic slug that stands absolutely no chance in the markets of tomorrow. Government interference is a restriction that is driving TELUS into a grinding cycle of depression. Companies that actually provide a quality product for a reasonable price are trouncing every attempt you people make to wade through the sludge produced by your own feeble efforts at productive business and your lack of the necessary corporate management skills to successfully succeed in this field. TELUS will inevitably crumble under its own weight and the private market with its beautifully competitive nature will crush TELUS’s dwindling monopoly. TELUS is emitting a foul stink of decay that is already starting to be smelt with disgust around the nation. No wonder they carry over a BILLION dollars of debt. THEY FUCKING SUCK ASS!!!

    Those of you are locked out by TELUS…I pity you also. You are working for a company that laughs at you. They laugh at how much they pay you. They laugh about the fact that they can give themselves outrageous bonuses that YOUR skills generate without any repercussions. My advice is to plunder TELUS for all you possibly can before offering your abilities to a company that will treat you properly. And make sure you do it before TELUS tanks as they eventually will. You wouldn’t want them bringing you down with them, would you? - Sep 15, 08:02 pm

  14. the day telus licked my sweaty balls

    Oh, and smartscab.
    You’re a corporate teabag slut and an inexpensive one at that.
    In fact, my secretary probably gets paid more than you.
    I hope it feels good getting fucked in the rear.

    I’d rather drink battery acid and get mauled by a panther than work for a company like TELUS.

    Have a great life working at TELUS, loser, bwahahahahahahahaha. - Sep 15, 08:17 pm

  15. rajkharega

    The doors aren’t locked, you just have to pull on them, not push. - Sep 15, 08:52 pm

  16. Mike

    stay out, you are my job security. - Sep 15, 08:54 pm

  17. works for a living

    SmartScab, you’ve said it!!
    I need not repeat anything, its all common sense.

    If you like your job, go to work and do your best at it. If you’r company likes you and thinks you are doing a good job at it, you have no issue with job security.

    There is something called LABOUR STANDARDS ACT.
    Read up on it.
    It regulates fair workplace practices, Government regulated.

    All the idoits on the picket line obviouslly do not like the company they are working for, and vice versa, i can assure you that we are doing just fine with out you.

    Darwin talked about survival of the fittest.

    Continue to picket through the winter and see who cares.

    My advice to you, if you don’t like the company you are working for, find a job that you enjoy, and an Employer that enjoys you. - Sep 15, 08:58 pm

  18. Love the job

    If you hate this job so much, go work some where else…if they will actually take you. I mean look at your behaviour, you are all a embarrassment to TELUS and to our customers.
    Where is the loyalty? Remember TELUS didn’t have to hire you. Stop being such a baby and come back to work and be a responsible adult. . You care about our customers , than serve them. We aren’t locked out. And the reason why the doors are locked in B.C is due to safety.
    May I also Ask I know I’m pretty, but please stop taking my picture.
    Job security my ass! All you care about is TELUS paying more for you to be lazy and sit on your ass and do nothing but take advantage of this company.

    I also don’t see you picketing when It’s cold out, is that because you can’t afford A jacket? I can give you my telus jacket if you would like. But I see some of you are already wearing them:) - Sep 15, 09:18 pm

  19. Cameron

    enough of these idiots.
    back to the real issue.
    this interview was hilarious.
    great concept.
    well done.

    -bfffl - Sep 15, 09:28 pm

  20. sandwich board hater

    This interview alone goes to show how stupid these picketers truly are. You guys are retarded out there picketing (provided you’re actually OUT there with the weather being so poor)...speaking of poor, you guys aren’t even trying any more. Seriously. You just look like you’re on welfare. So for the last time, the answer is no, I don’t have any spare change for you lazyshits. Do you kiss your kids with those filthy mouths? Or are you too busy buying megaphones and kazoos with your welfare money and spare change to even think about how you’re gonna feed them? You all make me sick to my stomach and I hope when this is all over you have big lips cause you’ll be kissing all of our asses when you find out who your managers are – US!!!!!

    Job security = doing your job well. Simple as that. You TWU pussies go work at an oil and gas company and ask about a union, they’ll laugh and you and fire you in the same sentence. $50/day is what you get paid right now, you could make more than that at McDonald’s. But I bet you’d lose that job too cause you suck at any kind of job, and you’d suckle on us taxpayers’ tits by going on welfare….Unions protect the lazy and half-assed workers, so enjoy it while you can. I’ll tellya, coming to work in a business suit and maintaining my job security sure beats wearing a sandwich board in the rain. - Sep 15, 09:37 pm

  21. Timmy

    I have to agree with Cameron, great interview, poor Janet never knew what was coming…wonder if she has read this yet? She probably lost her internet connection since she can’t afford to keep it going! - Sep 15, 09:54 pm

  22. Beam Me Up Scotty

    By the sounds of it, alot of the picketers do not like their job w/ TELUS….so what are they exactly ranting and raving about outside??
    Job security?? I agree with all the other skill based workers here…..job security only goes as far as what your skills are capable of. Including accepting and working with an ever changing environment. UNfortunately a
    “Union mentality” will not be successful in our technologically based market place. - Sep 15, 10:25 pm

  23. john the best friend

    Just so u know the lady(janet) in the picture has been hired by the city and is now working more than before as we also picket 20 hrs per week
    we will picket as long as we have to, we at the twu are strong and united and continue to support eachother

    there are many brilliant people who work in the twu, they just so happen to enjoy the industry we work in, and we want to continue to enjoy great lives in BC.We want good jobs for our kids and your kids and for all canadians in the future

    solidarity - Sep 15, 11:06 pm

  24. likes taking it in the ass from telus

    i love telus
    there so grate
    there so wondrfil

    i mean
    i totally love to get raped

    i like when the execs pass me around and do me up the ass

    telus is so grate - Sep 15, 11:51 pm

  25. fan of small cock

    Is there a job opening at TELUS?
    I hear you guys just sit around, lubing your cocks, and shoving them up each others’ ass holes. That sounds like fun! I’d love to get down with TELUS cock-lubing action!

    Glad to know you’re all as queer as me! - Sep 15, 11:55 pm

  26. TELUS Worker

    From what I have seen, the TWU is mainly fighting for the BC members, and are ignoring the sentiments of the workers in the rest of Canada. The company imposed a contract. Do you blame them? Do you wonder why they haven’t let you vote? Maybe because the contact is fair, and they know it. Remember, this imposed contract is better than the IBEW contract in which AB workers have been working under for 8 years.
    If the union is scared about work being contracted out to other contries, why doesn’t the TWU go to protect those workers rights? Sounds like they need more protection than the workers in Canada. - Sep 16, 02:10 am

  27. Sick of whiners

    The TWU are the only hope for these people. Where else can a group of uneducated people make $28 per hour? Public service possibly, but that is about it. The TWU members need Telus far more that Telus needs the TWU members.

    In the past couple of months, I have done work on the frame, as well as Installation and Repair. I can’t believe how simple the work is. If I can learn the job in a week then anybody can! These people don’t realize how replaceable they are.

    Telus has already caught up on repairs, and is now catching up on new installs. We can keep this up indefinitely.

    If the TW Who is the only hope then there really is no hope at all. - Sep 16, 03:17 am

  28. forced onto the picket line

    It is amazing to me how many people sit in their little worlds judging others based on nothing resembling knowledge or thought! Some of these comments are sooo far out there that it would be useless to try to explain to these morons what the real truth is. So, for those of you who are sooo superior – with your ‘marketable’, ‘get-me-another-job-every-two-years-or or-so’ skills…if there had never been unions, you would be cleaning out the shit at the bottom of the sewer at the moment. The opportunity for you to have been trained to perform a ‘skilled’ job would have passed you over. For those who think that we are fighting for more money, give your head a shake! The only time money has ever been mentioned in this dispute has been by the company in its propeganda-disguised-as-news releases. Tell me this – any of you, please – if Telus and others outsource all good jobs out of this country, are you willing to move to the Phillipines (or elsewhere)? I hope so, because as ‘marketable’ as your skills may be, it won’t do you any good if there is no ‘market’. While we’re on the subject, if those of us who are left working are doing it for less than $10 per hour, who is going to support health care and other tax-system supported benefits? Or are you suggesting that asking that all residents of this country have rights to these things that we have in fact paid for all these years is too much to ask? If you are truly so superior and self-sufficient in your ‘marketable skills’, why don’t you go the extra mile and support yourself completely? Meaning no government subsidized health care, no unemployment insurance (of course this one you don’t need because you have ‘marketable skills’), no publicly funded school system for your kids, etc.
    Statements such as those that suggest that Telus employees are not ‘skilled’ or are ‘too lazy to work’ or ‘don’t like their jobs’ are made by people who are too stupid to realize that they don’t have all the facts – which is the really scary part, particularly if these people are in positions of responsibility! Of course, there are those who could not get hired by a company such as Telus (except as scab replacement workers during a labour dispute), and are therefore just ‘jealous’. (Or could it be that these individuals find it necessary to seek new employment every couple of years because once hired they are incapable of fulfilling the expectations of their respective employers? What’s the problem, can’t keep a job?) Those of us who have worked for the same company for more than a decade take some pride in our work and have a vested interest in the company and its success – of course, someone who is job hunting more often than not can not be expected to understand this.
    TWU ROCK SOLID for Canadian Jobs! - Sep 16, 04:17 am

  29. I earn my TELUS wage

    The funny thing about this strike is that all the lazy people that work for TELUS are on the picket line. The ones that actually work and help the company grow have crossed the picket line. They’re fighting for job security because they all know that their lazy ass’s will soon be out of a job for not doing any work. That’s the problem with the union, they make it difficult for the company to get rid of the dead wood. And TELUS needs to clean house in order to grow as a company. - Sep 16, 05:01 pm

  30. Wife of TWU Hater

    I think that it is funny that the union bosses think so low of they’re members that they can tell them a bunch of lies and stretch the truth and the stupid members will fallow them to bankruptcy. The ones who believe them are the ones on the picket line. The ones that are smart enough to look at the whole picture are working. I think the picketers should ask the boss how much money he is making well they are working hard sitting on they’re asses with a sandwich board. From what I have heard he makes more well they are on strike than if they are not. I think they should take a long look at who is fucking the picketers up the ass. Well you picketers are eating ichy ban the union bosses are eating steak and lobster, and Telus is willing to pay you good money to do a fairly easy job. - Sep 16, 06:20 pm

  31. Big Picture Viewer

    First off: It’s not that I completely disrespect the people who are picketing. What I disrespect are the childish tactics that are being adopted by some of these picketers. The TWU says they don’t condone violent or intimitating behaviour? I don’t exactly see them doing anything about it to get their membership to show a more respectful side.

    I also disrespect the people that are out there only because their friends are out there or because they wanted a “long vacation”.

    To the people that are on the lines who have only been employed by TELUS for only a few months, weeks or even days: How can you honestly believe that you fully understand the scope of a 4.5 year battle when you haven’t been around for even 5% of that battle?

    To the person who posted about being willing to move to the Philippines: Actually, I would be willing to go there. The wage may be lower than what I’m making in Alberta, but guess what: The cost of living is that much lower as well! I may not have all the marketable skills, but I am more than willing to learn and adapt.

    Change can be hard on the offset, but other than death, there is absolutely NOTHING that we as humans cannot adapt to provided we are willing to change our old habits.

    As for working for a company that isn’t going to “pound you in the arse”: North America’s market seems to say that that scenario could happen in any job any where. Yes, unions may have gotten us some of the protections we have today, but every single one of these companies, large or small, are owned and operated by non-union members. Wage differences between these owners and the workers are reality. In EVERY SINGLE COMPANY. If these people want the same wages, perhaps they should move out of the unionized position and start up the sales/management ladder and become CEO’s/owners themselves. If wages aren’t such a big deal to the picketers, why does Darren’s wage keep coming up. A wage is a wage, no matter who’s it is.

    To the people who are worried about loosing their jobs and being kicked to the sidewalk with nothing: May I remind the older workers, and educate the younger workers (especially the ones that have only been with TELUS for a few months, weeks or days). The last downsizing that TELUS did were not done in the traditional sense of “Here’s your pink slip and severance pay, now leave”. TELUS was willing to retrain these people who were surplused and move them to a new job. No, the new job may not have been glamorous, but it was still a chance at a regular paycheck. If you accepted the new position, your wage was kept at the same level as the one you originally had. If you chose not to accept the new posting, TELUS gave out some very, very generous packages. Some to the tune of $20,000 plus! No, not everyone got that much money, but the point is that TELUS paid more than the standard “lay-off” practice. May I also remind you that these “lay-offs” were VOLUNTARY? TELUS provided you with the options you could take and you made the decision from there. The only people who were truly booted to the curb with no options were the people in management positions, but even these people received very generous severance checks. If TELUS chooses to contract a new department out, they have stated in paragraph 29.01, very clearly, that very similar kinds of options will be presented again. New posting (relocated), new posting with new training, or separation package. The choice will ultimately be up to you. There are many, many other companies out there that will not give you those kinds of choices or any choice at all.

    Those who are expecting to keep the TWU’s version of job security are being unrealistic. You cannot expect a company to let you stay in the exact same position from now ‘til the day you retire. These kinds of people need to learn what change is and not be so afraid of it or unwilling. You can learn and do anything, if you’re willing to try. - Sep 16, 07:23 pm

  32. Kris - Strikers suck

    First off, i do not work for telus or have I ever. I work in downtown edmonton for another company that is non union and has absolutely no relation to anything TWU. I really appreciate how when i walk past the telus building or in and out of it at lunch time strikers start yelling at me calling me a scab. This has happened to me about every week since this strike has started. I’ve even displayed my NON telus badge and said i do not work for telus, and the inteligent responce from that striker was??? SCABBBBBBBBBBBBB!

    Thank you for assuming every single person downtown works for your crappy union and that everyone not carrying a picket is a scab and deserves to be yelled at.

    I applaud everyone that has crossed the picket line because harrassing random people like myself only makes me hope all you strikers receieve nothing in the end. - Sep 17, 12:09 am

  33. not so stupid

    There are always 2 sides to any story. I am a union employee at TELUS. The company has enabled me to get 2 diplomas and a university degree. I believe I am very well positioned to take employment at any company. But I like my job at TELUS. I love the people I work with. I would love nothing else than to return to work.

    But the TWU is my bargaining agent. If we, as Canadian workers do not fight to keep our jobs here in Canada, who else will? TELUS revenues come from Canada. Why not give it back to Canadians? To save 10/20/30%? Is it worth it? Would you leave the comfort of your job, to picket out in the cold, with no salary, and no end date?

    I used to live in the Philippines, and I assure you most people will not want to move there. From the lack of running water, to humid hot weather, ever present pollution and stand still traffic, I would be surprised if anyone volunteers.

    I can only say, that I am willing to fight for a good cause – to keep profit in our community. Unfortunately, whether we win or not, is not for me to decide. - Sep 17, 12:29 am

  34. guest

    We are discussing the issues at - Sep 18, 08:50 pm

  35. John

    Is that what you call it. is nothing more than a bunch fockin scabs spreading the word of Drew. Nobody is allowed to stand against the admin…Tracy Woodward….the site is a joke. No free speech there at all. Nothing more than TELass lies. - Sep 19, 03:27 am

  36. Sick of whiners

    Almost as bad as VFC, in other words. - Sep 21, 01:31 am

  37. Love the job

    Ok Simple Rule of Life..Stop walking infront of moving cars…Simple Really. I do believe we all learned this is Day-care.
    And also When you decide The best way to be seen is to walk into a car for some attention because your union isn’t doing a good job with it. Do not call fire trucks or the police /ambulance…there are really people out there that are hurt and need them more than you, because you Stubbed your toe. Way to go Union…Fucking retards.. Like Think about what you are doing..Really would anyone listen to you…Oh I guess you really don’t like being video taped do you, Now you know how we feel. - Sep 21, 02:21 pm

  38. Love the job

    Oh yah Number 23…John Talking about Janet.
    Is Janes your wife? Just a question - Sep 21, 02:23 pm

  39. blue

    Yeah, the telus strike reminds me of the Gainers one a few years back. Idiots. Let’s leave our jobs and go on Union Pogie cause we are smarter than telus is! We’ll make customers cancel features, harass them on the streets, make a nuisance of ourselves, and find telus closing the doors cause we were all a bunch of frigging idiots.

    Maybe we should go Visit our old buddy Jimmy H. and see what he has to say cause he was da man!

    Seriously, you guys need to stop and think about what you are doing. JOB SECURITY is an illusion. There is no such thing, and Gainers is a good example of this. You guys are heading for the same thing because you are being just a goddamn dumb as they were.

    Maybe what you need to do is look at yourselves from a public point of view… Most of the Telus working Union is arrogant, rude, and quite knowing of the entire workings of the world. They can make no mistakes. They are perfect. Screw the common guy who works a back breaking job all day to support a family and pay his bills, and put food on his family table (or her)... We know nothing. We aren’t part of a real union and don’t know shit about anything.

    GROW THE HELL UP. I am sick and tired of Adults that have to keep reverting back to childhood because they had a temper-tantrum. Nothing worse than a group of spoiled kids, if you know what I mean.

    Whatever, I know you are all going to bash this cause you are always right, and everyone else is always wrong. I’ve said my piece and feel a bit better now.

    Guaranteed tho, the next Telus employee that thinks he/she is a cop and thinks they can ask me for my license will have a little surprise the next time they try and get in my car again. Remember, you are a threat to me because of your superiority, and as such, you are legally fair game. - Sep 22, 01:31 am

  40. blue

    Comment 28:

    You have the typical union mentality of a guy who is paid by the union, at a wage HE sets. You ever scrape shit out of a sewer? Try it sometime. Maybe it’s what you need to get you fat ass down to earth again. Unions aren’t the saviors you make them out to be. Quit blowing sunshine up everyones asses and quit pretending that unions are gods.

    MORON. Oh, ya, I forgot, you know it all, so forget what I said cause you are right, and the rest of the world is wrong. I’ve been part of a union or two, and they just screw you over. Sure, you get better wage, but the dumb fuck who is sucking your rod is now next in line for the ‘qualified’ and ‘skill recognized’ positions you were talking about. Right? Don’t bullshit me by insulting my intelligence. Nice how unions not only protect the people who deserve it, they also protect the other 3 out of 4 who are hazards to the rest of the people and should have had their sorry asses fired a long time ago… But I forgot, those are the one that come to work equipped with the knee pads, right? - Sep 22, 01:41 am

  41. not my focus

    Ok…I have so much I can say. First…the union people rant and rave, calling out “scab” (which is now sounding like a broken record that’s been tuned out), and lowering themselves to ridiculous levels. Not all of them, but some of them are. Honestly, this is JUST a job. My job is a PART of my life but it is not my ENTIRE life. If you are not happy, move on, I wish you the best. I can appreciate where you are coming from and I fight for what I believe in too. But at the end of the day, you gotta look out for number one – yourself. That’s what everyone (union and non-union) is making the CHOICE to do.

    Now, honestly, my first conversation with a Telus union employee was them telling me “that’s not my job”. So, where does that mentality get anyone? This is part of the problem. Hence why they call union people lazy.

    Reminder: this is a PHONE company. You are not savings lives or educating people so unfortunately you are not going to get sympathy when it comes to wanting more on your paycheck. Dont worry, I know, it’s not about the money. But I only state that as some union people have been chanting about money on the line.

    I hear them yelling how they are saving the future for children. Well, I dont want children and if I ever did have children, I would hope they would aspire to follow their dreams. Because believe me, working at Telus forever is not my ultimate goal.

    The unions, back in the day, consisted of REAL thug/riot mentality. Thing is, if any of these so-called family people actually came face to face with the real thugs – they wouldnt know what hit them. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not, it just looks foolish.

    See the article in the Kamploops newspaper, stating how three TWU reps went for an interview but ended up calling the reporter a cock-sucker (for no reason) and left the interview. Are THESE the same people who want to fight for their rights?

    Lastly…reading the TWU site makes me feel sorry for the members. They have no idea how badly they are being brain washed. Not by ALL the information, just by SOME of it. Telling people if they cross the line they will be going home in body-bags is NOT cool. Come on. How much of a coward do you have to be to make a threat like that?

    Everyone is entitiled to their own opinion…yes, even if it’s not the same as your own. - Sep 22, 05:54 am

  42. notsodumb

    Dont want to play cards here, the deck is loaded. Get back to your scab jobs and earn as much as you can, WHILE you can..Believe me, we are not going to miss you when we get back !!! TWU ROCK SOLID. - Sep 23, 04:34 am

  43. cripes

    I guess I found the site where all the scumsuckers post on. - Sep 23, 04:51 am

  44. Sarah C

    wow. i love how we do something for a joke and it sparks more response than anything we’ve ever done with the intent of being thought-provoking. if we have ever done anything with that intent. I’m starting to actually believe that Chuck did do this to draw some attention to our cheap little magazine. I like the poster-taking-down-guy’s interview better. wait until you hear my rant about the poster-taking-down union.
    love and kisses - Sep 30, 05:07 am

  45. marketable

    I have my own job security, it cost me $50,000. I have a degree with experience which enables me to hook up with another job lickety split should anything happen with this one. I did that for myself, how is it my problem that you’re 40 and were too lazy to realize that without any education, nobody else is going to want to hire you? Stop blaming others for your shortsights.

    Also, I don’t get why you’re calling me a scab. A scab is someone hired post strike to do your job. I was hired pre strike and I’m still doing the same job I always was…..I don’t get it. Maybe it’s more of that ignorance from the lack of education. - Oct 1, 06:12 pm

  46. in the doghouse

    Both sides have forgotten what “team” means. Who is really paying for this? You guessed it.

    Play nice children, or mommy will have to spank. - Oct 7, 06:48 pm

  47. not my focus

    Thank you “marketable”! I am not a scab. Already worked for Telus before all this happend.

    Moreover, I get picketers yelling at me, telling me to go back to highschool or making cry baby sounds…first off, thanks for the compliment but I am in my early 20’s and yes I am a manager. Is it that they cannot wrap their heads around the fact that I am a manager at this age? I dont understand. Do they think I am taking time off of “highschool” to make some money at a job I hate? (I cannot wait to go back to my real job)

    My favorite was, “I have been with Telus for 16 years and you look like you ARE 16!!” That picketer totally made my day, I couldnt help but thank her. - Oct 11, 03:22 am

  48. not a scab

    Wow, finally some people who are intelligent and realize that we are not SCABS!!! We worked here before the strike, during this strike and we will be here after the strike. “Notsodumb” you really do not know what you are talking about. Not going to miss us?? We’ll be the ones sitting next to you doing a job better than you ever will. We weren’t hired to replace you, get the facts straight. When I walk by and you all yell scab at me all I can do is laugh. Most of you people are a disgrace and I would be embarrassed to be picketing along side you. I truly believe that I made the right decision in crossing. You want job security…GO TO SCHOOL and you will never have to worry. - Oct 11, 03:44 am

  49. guest

    Well the union got the exact same contract that was imposed GOOD JOB
    TWU - Oct 15, 10:22 pm

  50. CUPE member

    Hey Janet, how’s the weiners and beans and rice diet?

    Missed your house payments yet?

    Missed your car payments yet?

    Remember, its’ the company that pays your bills, not the TWU, who only lives as leeches from your (former) paycheck.

    remember, when you lose your car, and you have spent your savings, the union doesn’t give a rip about you, and Telus will carry on with or without you.

    Yeah, that sucks, but it’s the truth - Nov 6, 09:00 pm

  51. ghostsmachine

    Dear motherfuckers,
    You shit-for-brains assfucks that probably would have cheered on your grand-dad getting his fucking head cracked open because he didn’t want to have his grandkids rot their lungs out or work 12 hours days or die in a company owned house – you’re a fucking riot. You fucking tools aren’t working 18 hour days and having your mommy blow the boss (though I’m wondering what the odds are that she didn’t offer at least one orifice, since many of you fuckheads seem to be some sort of inbred bizbrats) because unions fucking worked for the right not to be abused.
    You fucking shit-for-brains could do a little reading to find out why exactly there is a middle class in this country. Tip: It’s because years beforehand, poor, working people fucking stood up for themseleves instead of rolling over like a fucking pussy.
    It’s no surprise to me you fucking cunts are repeating shit like “new reality” – it is for you because it’s the reality you made – with the kindly assistance of corporate media. You’re the kind of fucking assholes that probably think a rape victim should just sit back and enjoy it, since you know, rape is a “reality” too. Fucktards. Morons. Ungrateful cocksuckers. If you’re too fucking stupid to want job security (by oh, I dunno, unionizing), then you won’t get any and you sure don’t fucking deserve anything you cant be bothered to fight for.
    Now go pay your EI premiums anyway with your “insecure job” you fucking losers. Blow me.

    Finally: Hilarious interview.

    - Feb 26, 10:36 pm

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