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Geoff, Bartender, Prime Time Chicken

Geoff is 36. He is the bartender at Prime Time Chicken.

Only: How long have you worked here?
Geoff: A few years.
O: What are some of the more interesting things you’ve encountered since you started working here?
G: That’s hard to say. It’s generally pretty tame here. We don’t get many drug addicts on this side [of the establishment]. Mostly just alcoholics.
O: Where do you live?
G: I live in New West.
O: How long does it take you to get here?
G: Half an hour. Forty minutes.
O: Do you think it’s interesting that you work at a bar that’s connected to a fried chicken shop?
G: It’s a restaurant slash restaurant/bar, so not all that exciting actually. There are some drug addicts that come in here, but they just get the chicken. Not actually all that much excitement.
O: Do you feel any sort of fondness for this neighborhood?
G: I get to know all the people, so… (Geoff has to pour dude a beer. Also, an old guy comes up and grabs a bathroom key, and it’s attached to a rubber rat, and that’s awesome)… yeah I get to know the people.
O: Those are awesome bathroom keys.
G: (laughs)
O: Are you married?
G: No.
O: What else do you like to do besides work here?
G: Sit and type on the computer.
O: What’s your favorite website?
G: Stock websites.
O: Like trading them?
G: Yeah mining stocks… Coal, Mercury, Uranium.
O: Do you listen to music?
G: Yeah.
O: What do you listen to?
G: Pretty much anything.
O: What was the last concert you went to?
G: Geez it was a while ago. Van Halen I guess.
O: Back in October?
G: Back in ’91.
O: What’s your favorite album?
G: Van Halen I, I guess.

  1. cow

    !!! - Sep 2, 12:37 am

  2. your maker

    dude’s stoned and is making a pass at you. - Sep 6, 10:02 pm

  3. Card Shark

    I think this column is fucking genius. Who knew that a skinny pothead from Syracuse or wherever you’re from could make it in Vancouver as a highly respected investigatory journalismist? Actually, I guess that’s not really that strange, huh. - Sep 16, 04:49 am

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