Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Credit Check: Rest His Sole

Victory Square Block Party 2008 photo by dubesor

- 5 Minister says that increasing wages of well-paid people helps the economy but increasing the minimum wage would destroy it.

-5 Shoe king who escaped Nazis and set up a company town in Ontario making shoes dies at 93. Later, he closed down the factory and sent all the jobs offshore.

+15 UBC Graduate Student Society members create student handbook mocking UBC’s commercial expansion and asking how it can be UBC’s centenury if the first class wasn’t held until 1915.. Bonus point for including a map to the UBC president’s $15 million house.

-25 UBC Graduate Student Society executives recall the handbook for mocking UBC.

- 1 BC Museum of Anthropology closed for renovation,will be reopened for Olympics to compete in the inhuman, useless, creepy buildings by Arthur Erickson event.

Today: - 16 This Year: - 190

  1. Les Provincial

    no credit check for 3 days now? is the 24 Hour on strike?

    - May 28, 04:45 PM

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