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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

The 2010 Onlympics. Because It Might Be The Last Thing We Ever Do.

Time: Friday, Feb. 12, 2010. We’ll begin annoying you sometime around 5:30pm
Where: The Official 2010 Onlympics Media Gondola Overlooking Beautiful Downtown Vancouver
How: By watching the interactive experience we’re building. A link will be posted HERE as soon as we get it done.
Why: Because we’re going to need a few drinks to make it through the next couple of weeks.

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Glenn Beck claims Vancouver "lost" a billion dollars when it "had" the Olympics

Complete. Brain. Melt.

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Watch the Junos with Only

We all know that the JUNO Awards are the most important media event in Canadian history and an occasion of this magnitude requires CONSTANT and IN DEPTH coverage.

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Security services protect Olympics from hippie threat, patchouli

Vancouver Island hippies in their natural habitat

Protestors are the number one security threat to the 2010 Games, it appears to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. So maybe that explains why officers with the Integrated Security Unit are running around Victoria trying to convince hippies to spy on each other.

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Credit Check: Clear and prescient danger

+5 It is probably time to leave your shithole small town when it wants to import Vancouver’s garbage.

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Credit Check: The next station is never going to be built

+5 The result of consultation with the public by Translink is not later hours for SkyTrain, the dropping of suburban zones, or a bus down First Avenue already. No, they made an iPhone app.

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Credit Check: What is the word for get out now?

-5 After ten years, the Oxford Canadian Dictionary has fired (• verb 1 propel (a bullet or projectile) from a gun or other weapon. 2 direct a rapid succession of (questions or statements) towards someone. 3 informal dismiss from a job. 4 supply (a furnace, power station, etc.) with fuel. 5 set fire to. 6 stimulate (the imagination or an emotion). 7 (fire up) fill with enthusiasm. 8 bake or dry (pottery, bricks, etc.) in a kiln. its staff and shut the office.

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Credit Check: Vancouver’s Fastest Growing Newspaper

-1 Denise Donlan, formerly of MuchMusic and Sony Music, is the new head of CBC Radio One, foretelling a very, very middle-of-the-road future for the Mother Corp.

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Credit Check: Privatise the Homeless

-25 There has been a 373 per cent increase in homelessness since 2002. This is shocking, but really, who is surprised? The municipal, provincial, and federal governments haven’t given a shit yet.

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Credit Check: Burning Bridges

-5 The Vancouver Board of Trade, having to choose between two masters, picks the Federal Tories over the provincial Liberals and says carbon taxes are bad. And global warming is a lie. Are you listening, sheeple? We’re the Board of Trade, not some goddamn Chamber of Commerce.

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