Doers photo by Matt Anderson

Kind Of A Big Recorder

The Doers have a new EP and them and AC Newman are doing a one-time performance on Conan to commemorate the 28th anniversary of the release of Burton Cummings’ My Own Way To Rock. Subsequently, on page 87 of the September 12, 2005 issue of Star Magazine there is this photo of Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, 30, wearing a fashion bathing suit on a stage for one of those hurricane fundraiser shows, and if you look close, you can totally see her clam! It didn’t plop/fall out or anything, but you can clearly make out this medium sized mound where that sports fella parks his dang at night.

ONLY: Hey, how was touring with Coldplay?

Sham: Yeah, we toured with Coldplay in America this summer. We did 34 dates with Coldplay.
Barry: How was it?
S: It was hot because it gets hot down there in the summer.

ONLY: Hey, I want to talk about Barry and his rapping on the new record. Who’s Barry rolling with lately?

B: I’m no more into hip-hop that I’ve ever been.

ONLY: Is there a specific rapper that has been a big influence on you?

B: I’ve said Kool Keith in the past, but he more influences me as an artist in general. It doesn’t have anything to do with, say, lyrics or vocal delivery.
S: Did you notice that my new songs are a little more influenced by R & B?

ONLY: There was more recorder.

S: More slow jams?

ONLY: I should address the size of that recorder.

Sarah Jane: It’s a big recorder.

ONLY: It’s kind of a big recorder.

SJ: I thought it was a baritone but then some girl told me it was a tenor.
S: And then she hit you with it.
SJ: And I was like, “No I’m pretty sure it’s a baritone.”
S: Do you and her still keep up?
SJ: No, but I thought she was really nice, and I gave her a

ONLY: Have you ever been in a corn maze?

SJ: Yup.
B: I’ve been meaning to go.
S: I’ve been in a corn maze.
B: No, I haven’t. I wish I had. I wanted to go out to the one on Lickman Road in Chilliwack.

ONLY: How would you rate your corn maze experience?

B: I’ve never been to one.
S: Why are you asking us a question about a corn maze?

ONLY: Have you ever heard of Eva Longoria?

B: Who?
S: Eva­—

ONLY: Eva Longoria.

S: No.

ONLY: Okay.

S: Should I do a search on the Internet?

ONLY: Have you ever heard of Rob Feenie?

SJ: Yeah, we ate at his restaurant.
S: Yeah we ate at Rob Feenie’s restaurant.

ONLY: Does he wear eye make-up?

SJ: I’ve always believed that he does indeed wear eye make-up. Jesse Gander and I were watching his cooking show the other day and saying that.
B: People wear make-up on TV.
SJ: It doesn’t look natural.

The Doers CD release party is Nov. 4, 2005 at The Astoria.

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