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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

The Dead Ghosts

There’s something about dragging a group of young musician boys out of bed on a Sunday morning and forcing them to eat less-than-edible chicken strips while asking them random questions, which aren’t much better than the food itself. Maybe it’s the retardo haze of the cheap beer from the night before, or the fact that Clint is in the band, but my breakfast rendezvous with The Dead Ghosts left me giddy like those grade eight slumber parties where everyone makes friendship bracelets and then braids each other’s hair.

ONLY: Are any of your songs true stories?

DREW: I don’t know what any of our songs are even about so let’s hear this…
BRYAN: I don’t think anyone can hear what I’m saying.
CLINT: You write songs about cowboys and shit that happened in the 1800s.
MIKE: Brian writes all the music and we just read off the sheet music.

ONLY: What record best describes the band’s personality?

DREW: The Cars “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home?”
CLINT: The Chipmunks.
DREW: No, definitely The Cars.

ONLY: Who started the band?

MIKE: Drew and Brian.

ONLY: How did these other two [motion to Clint and Mike] get involved?

BRYAN: We were drunk.
DREW: Cause Mike’s my brother and he lived at my house. And cause Clint’s good at bass.
CLINT: And other stuff.
DREW: Like oral sex, that sort of stuff.

ONLY: Do you all have nicknames? What are they?

CLINT: Ask Levon (from Ladies Night).
DREW: My name is Big Cat and this is Little Turtle [points to Clint].
MIKE: My name is Mike.
BRYAN: [silence]

ONLY: What do The Dead Ghosts bring to the local scene?

DREW: Not much.
CLINT: Courage.
DREW: We bring a lot more than half the shitty bands in Vancouver!

ONLY: So was it the plan to sound like the Black Lips?

CLINT: Fuck I knew you were going to ask this one. Just because we’re under them in popularity… that’s fucking dumb… [insert thought provoking well defended blabity blah argument.]
BRYAN: It’s like saying The Kinks sound like the Rolling Stones.
CLINT: That’s the most uneducated thing to ask a band, especially at this time in garage rock. God.

[You’d think the guy who has his Black Lips band wristband mounted in a gold case at home, reminding him of the glory of filling in for Jared Swilley at the recent Vancouver BL show, would be thrilled with this comparison – obviously not. Moving along…]

ONLY: Is it better now that you’re not in a band that wears matching outfits from another decade, Clint?

CLINT: Ya. Those kinds are dumb man.
OTHERS: [Laughter]

MIKE: Hey call Brian’s phone.

Brian’s phone starts ringing, blasting “You can’t go on/Thinking nothing’s wrong/ Who’s gonna drive you home…”

DREW: It’s our record
BRYAN: Best three dollars I ever spent!
MIKE: That’s how much we made at our last show. [Laughs]
DREW: Why didn’t I see any of it?

ONLY: So when’s the next show?

BRYAN: We only find out a few days in advance usually.
CLINT: Somehow we just end up playing randomly [pause] we might just wait for Nobunny!
OTHERS: Ya, Nobunny!!

FYI: Nobunny plays in Vancouver on May 24th – it will be the best show of the year.

ONLY: What about Dead Ghosts Records?

DREW: We have one single out, “What To Do” on Milk-n-Herpes Records.
MIKE: And a tape.
BRYAN: A mix tape from Alabama.

ONLY: Why Alabama?

DREW: ‘Cause we’re huge down there.
BRYAN: It’s a split tape with this really cool Alabama band called The Shining Path.
MIKE: And it has a hotdog on the case.

ONLY: What… I didn’t know about this?

CLINT: We’re full of secrets – we’re dead for god’s sake!

ONLY: What other secrets do you have?

DREW: Uh, I live in Surrey.

ONLY: Back to records…

CLINT: We are recording with Felix at Little Red Sound Studios on Cambie. He paid me five dollars to say that.

ONLY: So how much of that are you gonna pay me to write it?

MIKE: We’re also recording our full length one day in May. We’re going to have a BBQ, you can come but you have to wear a bikini. We’re going to wear shorts.
DREW: The record’s gonna be called Big Cat & Little Turtle.

ONLY: What about being stuck in elevators?

DREW: Oh man, Clint and I were trapped inside the elevator at our jam space for like an hour and a half last weekend after the Pub340 show!
MIKE: They had to call the fire department. [laughs]
CLINT: We lit some candles.
BRYAN: It got pretty psychedelic
CLINT: We had a shirts-off-party in the elevator and dripped wax all over our bodies.
DREW: Now we’re completely hairless.

MIKE: I can’t eat anymore.
DREW: Anyone want some chicken?
BRYAN: This is overly mediocre.

The Dead Ghosts may play randomly some place soon. And hopefully with Nobunny!

  1. Steve

    Worst 7” ever. Better luck next time.

    - Apr 2, 08:26 pm

  2. little nicky

    Little Hitler, Chocolate Chip Mint, Little Guy, Miniature, Guy, Smith, Stims, Parrot Boy, Peaches, Pony Dick, Baby Head, Fetus.

    - Apr 2, 11:24 pm

  3. nicky nine doors


    - Apr 2, 11:41 pm

  4. Steve


    Pony dick.

    - Apr 3, 12:59 am

  5. "This is overly mediocre"

    he’s right, it takes a lot of ‘courage’ to make music that basically just repeats the safest cliches of a 40 year old genre!

    you’ve got to be brave to be 1 among 1000000 of totally identical garage bands!

    - Apr 3, 06:31 am

  6. dead ghosts

    I agree. I think the dead ghosts need marshall half stacks, neil pert drum fills and lots of air kicks. rap rock is the new dead ghosts. you should bring your axe out someday and show us how to make some alicia keys songs. love the dg’s

    - Apr 3, 04:48 pm

  7. milkitoid

    ahah i think metal dude is right. dead ghosts should catch more bison shows.. get some half stacks, do some air jumps, really get modern with this shit. theory of a deadman did. all old music just sounds the same anyway, i think dg’s should just give up on it and get down with alicia keys soul grooves. thanks for the feedback bud, keep workin out. – the sperm bank

    - Apr 3, 04:56 pm

  8. right

    because if you aren’t into really generic garage rock you must be a ‘metal guy’ and not understand ‘old music’? ok. these guys are pretty arrogant about a band thats basically a third rate black lips clone from the suburbs.

    - Apr 3, 10:35 pm

  9. don jon

    you seem to know a lot about these guys, you either know them or have really done your homework. maybe going a bit out of your way to talk shit about them. I think you should move on with your life and do something more productive.

    - Apr 4, 03:06 am

  10. person who commented above

    i don’t know anything about them they didn’t say in the interview or put on their website. but you can’t say things like “We bring a lot more than half the shitty bands in Vancouver!” or “It’s like saying The Kinks sound like the Rolling Stones.” and not expect some kind of negative reaction when you offer a forum for the public to respond. i just found the super arrogant attitude in the article kind of annoying considering they aren’t really that amazing or at all different than tons of other bands. that’s it.

    - Apr 4, 07:56 am

  11. Steve



    This is fantastic.

    - Apr 4, 04:32 pm

  12. Allan

    I think they were trying to be funny. Bands do that sometimes in interviews.

    They’re just a bunch of sillies!

    - Apr 4, 04:32 pm

  13. Steve

    I bring way more than half the shitty bands in Vancouver.

    Like, a lot more.

    - Apr 4, 04:38 pm

  14. roy

    the shining path is good

    - Apr 4, 04:44 pm

  15. chad

    “or the fact that Clint is in the band”

    - Apr 4, 07:48 pm

  16. sean orr

    At least you’re not in a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band. I’m so sick of Denny’s.

    - Apr 5, 04:11 am

  17. Clint

    Yes i love that negative feed back! keep it coming, it only brings a smile to my face each morning.. Just curious who wrote that i would like to go on a date with you.. If interested let me know hot stuff!

    - Apr 5, 08:28 pm

  18. tad

    haha “like, a lot more”.

    ya shiningpath is fucking rad

    - Apr 5, 10:15 pm

  19. Steve

    I just really want a Bush X 7”.

    - Apr 7, 04:24 pm

  20. starla

    i think a lot of people are talking about dead ghosts in many many different conversations. for instance, the other day i was in a record store picking up a slayer album and overheard some teenage girls talking about how great these fine young men were, and then the cashier got in on the conversation and said real nasty things! needless to say, i didn’t give a fuck, and went home and listened to my haunting the chapel EP.

    - Apr 9, 07:53 pm


    Were Breaking up

    - Apr 14, 05:57 pm

  22. c-falc

    another band falls victim to our incredibley douchey and judgemental local scene that pretty much slags anyone who isn’t friends with black mountain or doesn’t play at the emergency room every friday

    - Apr 14, 09:17 pm

  23. rabbit

    DEAD GHOSTS are playing with NOBUNNY!!!

    - Apr 15, 12:55 am

  24. LEEB

    PATRICK SWAYZE is diagnosed with CANCER!!!

    - Apr 15, 01:44 am

  25. memories are short

    How do you know they have split up because the local scene slags them off for not being friends with Black Mountain? Maybe they found out, in some hilarious, slapstick sex-farce moment in a cheap hotel in Salmon Arm, that they’re all sleeping with each others’ mothers, got married, and have become, in effect, each others’ fathers? And then told themselves to get haircuts and a real job and stay the hell away from their daughters, who are now also,technically, their sisters-in-law, nieces and grandmothers? Because to break up over hurtful comments by strangers who think they should be more like some other band… That would be lamer than seems possible for a bunch of people who come across in this article as fairly confident.

    - Apr 15, 07:43 am

  26. Steve

    I’m more confident.

    - Apr 15, 05:52 pm

  27. bizzo

    Hey C-Flac…

    Dead Ghosts probably would be playing the ER this summer if it wasn’t closed until the Fall. Don’t talk about “the scene” like you know what’s up.

    It’s people like you that actually think there is a some sort of rift between groups and then spout off about it that makes it seem like a real problem. It’s not. Most bands in the city are pretty nice and laid back.

    But then again, maybe you or your friends play shitty music and THAT’S why you think everyone is so judgmental. Maybe.

    - Apr 15, 06:41 pm

  28. c-falc

    well actually, i used to rent out of the emergency room, i’ve played there before and i DID know that it was closed until the fall. i’m not trying to be mr. scene here, i’m just saying that this city doesn’t exactly foster bands that don’t fit the ER mold or feature at least one member/friend of black mountain.

    its just what i’ve noticed and its the way i see things. maybe you see it differently and i envy you because i wish i could look on this city’s scene as being really positive and vibrant and welcoming to new bands but it doesn’t really feel that way to me. are there even enough new bands to make music waste work this year? - Apr 15, 07:28 pm

  29. roy

    shining path baby

    - Apr 15, 09:22 pm

  30. Mr. Scene

    Emergency Room?! Why would anyone want to play at a hospital? They have signs up saying to keep quiet. Maybe if you’re one of those singer/songwriter guy with guitar deals, but not for my band, man.

    We’re going to rock out the Ms. T’s and the Palladium, and after that, the Hungry Eye. If we get a bit more success, we’ll open at the Starfish Room for some touring band signed to Matador and then take them to the Sugar Refinery for late night drinks and perogies.

    All your arguing will soon be as irrelevant as what I just wrote above. You think us aging hipsters at the Railway Club are depressing with our, “back in the day” stories and alcoholism? You’re headed there too, homeboys. Trust me, get over it or I’m your future. (although getting laid by girls half your age is one of the perks of being an aging scenester!)

    - Apr 15, 10:21 pm

  31. Allan

    prefers yuppies!

    - Apr 15, 10:34 pm

  32. Steve

    Still confident.

    - Apr 16, 12:54 am

  33. junior

    this city sucks
    it’s a fucking bubble town
    everyone plays with the same bands over and over again

    since everyone’s talking about the ER
    anyone to the show on saturday?
    notice how many people where outside too busy networking and talking about some bitchin party that was happening after the show instead of actually watching the show?

    all people seem to care about is dancing to lap top dj’s now adays
    god knows theres like 30 different nights to get wasted and make out with someone


    - Apr 16, 10:38 am

  34. Caeser Salad

    Who is? Laptop DJ partygoers? Who cares? Why are they to blame? What are you blaming them for? Musicians playing in bands with other musicians that are from other bands?

    The ER is a venue where people party regardless of who is playing. The same as most venues. It just so happens that the ER caters to punk bands. In Saturday’s case, noise/experimental bands were playing. How many places in North America can a noise band play to a packed room all of which paid $8 regardless of their interest in the show? Not many. Ask around. If people want to network that’s fine. What business is it of yours. Start your own venue and put a sign on the door that says “No People Allowed That Just Want To Party And Give Us Their Money” or “Only People That Will Politely Pay Attention To The Bands Allowed”

    The glorified clubbers don’t affect the music scene at all. Unless you count filling a room. What do you think, if M!G didn’t exist Pat’s Pub would be packed to see ___________ (fill in local average, mediocre band)? Whoooooo cares.

    - Apr 16, 07:06 pm

  35. S.

    Haha, this city is totally fucked. Let musicians make their music, let those who like it like it, and if you don’t well, fuck off and save your shit. If everyone spent less time being a critic and actually creating something worth raving about, we might not be wasting out time posting comments on interviews with a sense of humour givin’ these boys are hard time for playing rock ‘n roll. Cheer the fuck up Vancouver, and dance a little instead of standing at the back of concerts with your arms crossed.

    - Apr 16, 11:26 pm

  36. 2Kewl4Skewl

    “standing at the back of concerts with your arms crossed”

    That’s how we roll in Vancouver. Been that way for years. Don’t like it? Move to Halifax. They pogo like crazy and dance like no one’s watching. We look way cooler, because someone is watching.

    - Apr 16, 11:49 pm

  37. JOO

    You guys are fucking retarded.

    - Apr 17, 06:57 am

  38. RICH.

    oh thank god for this.

    I thought people had finally gotten used to the miserable state of affairs, stopped participating in mindblowingly retarded internet arguing, and killed themselves.

    wrong. middle class dissent lives on.

    - Apr 17, 06:45 pm

  39. concerned reader

    this is the 39th comment!

    - Apr 25, 06:26 pm

  40. bo

    your all stupid interfuck nerds. get a life. fart in a microphone, thats where the magic is!

    - May 4, 02:55 am

  41. south

    shining path the shit

    - May 16, 01:12 am

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