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Shindig 2007: A Retrospective

Two years ago, we were fed up with Shindig. We wrote this long thing complaining about how the whole competition was worthless, how it always rewarded mediocrity and how it was on the cusp of flailing aimlessly into irrelevance. Many disagreed, and we lost a lot of friends because of it. In no way are we anxious to repeat that experience, so this year’s look back at Shindig will be far less scathing. Not because we’ve suddenly grown a heart or value our friendships any more than we did back then, but because, really, Shindig ’07 was pretty sweet. Many of the best new bands in the city entered, we almost always begrudgingly agreed with the judges and the three bands in the finals were rad.

Here, in no particular order, are our favourite quotes from Shindig Watch ’07.

Barry: Why did the chicken cross the road? Ben Lai’s Penis!
David: This is really tough, but I’m gonna have to go with bachelorette number one, and I choose the Tahitian holiday package with the his and her jet-skis. Fanshaw, call me! 778-869-7641.
Brynna: You should check out this next song on our MySpace at It’s called “An Illusion”.
Chuck: Do I have to be the one to say the Blues Hammer thing?
Chloe: I can leave now, I saw Petroleum By-Products.

While Petroleum By-Products were obviously the Only faves, we’re not as choked as you might imagine about Fanshaw stealing the win. Some of us have not-so-secret crushes on the lead singer, and if you use the past years’ Shindig winners as a barometer, they were pretty much a shoe-in. Rather than rag on them like we might have done two years ago, we decided to keep things civil and graciously congratulate them on the win. So, as a token of our adulation, here is a quick email interview we threw together with Liv, the lead singer.

ONLY: At what point did you know you were going to win Shindig?

LIV: Once the Public or the Press broke up… Although, I actually didn’t know I won when I did. Too many celebratory beers left me thinking I had come in second, until Luke Meat was like, “look at your trophy dummy.”

ONLY: Did you have anything to do with The Public or the Press breaking up?

LIV: Yah I called Ben Lai and pretended I was their guitar player and said I was leaving the band. He didn’t know it was me because I used a vocoder.

ONLY: Notes are provided for every performance. Any favourite comments to share?

LIV: Someone said I sounded like a cross between Bjork and Joan Baez (?). Actually the best was “Now that I know there are two songs left I can write bigger.”

ONLY: It costs $7 to get into Shindig but bands don’t get paid a dime. What up with that?

LIV: I’m assuming CiTR does this as a fundraiser. They need the money, believe me… support campus and community radio!

ONLY: In the past five or six years the Shindig winners (Vancougar, Romance, The Front, etc.) haven’t really gone on to do anything, sparking some to say there is a “Shindig curse”. Are you worried about that?

LIV: No, for two reasons: 1. We actually lost the first round and 2. Last years winners Victoria, Victoria! are going to be in a movie with Michelle Pfeiffer.

ONLY: When we say “Ben Lai” you say:

LIV: When is his clothing line coming out???

ONLY: Isn’t Shane in enough bands already?

LIV: Yes, that’s why he only played the first show. Eric Axen from a band called Hermetic played bass.

ONLY: What’s next for Fanshaw?

LIV: We already recorded half a record in July. I expect it to be done spring-ish. I need to write more songs though…
  1. Digger

    What, you guys want a medal for “being nice” this year? Blah. Suck it.

    - Dec 12, 01:20 am

  2. Megan

    I’m not trying to be a brat, but just because you don’t like a band’s music doesn’t mean they’re not “doing anything.” Besides touring, writing music and releasing records, what else is there for a band to do? I want to like your magazine, but if you care so much about the local music scene, maybe you should consider being a little more supportive rather than cutting people down for having a good time.

    - Dec 12, 06:24 pm

  3. ben

    I think when Only says most shindig winners don’t go on to do anything, they mean that they either break up soon afterwards, or fade into obscurity. A lot of semi-finalists go on to be more popular and play more shows than whoever won the finals.

    - Dec 13, 07:52 pm

  4. wiggles

    How come there’s no shindig coverage anywhere but here? Not even Discorder has anything that I can find. They say you get paid in publicity, but only from Only and then it’s only half a sentence, and half of that half sentence is satirical. Would like to see read an actual article, if only in the straight or discorder. But good times regardless!

    - Dec 14, 12:34 am

  5. Shindig Fame

    This comment is nothing more than a distraction from the sounds of my downstairs neighbor watching porn, but the Georgia Straight is deffinately what he’s gonna use to “clean up” if you get what I mean.

    - Dec 14, 05:14 am

  6. Vis A Fizz

    There`s probably no coverage for a simple reason; very few bands in the competition have yet to discover the secret to press in the bigger vancity weeklies; hire an obnoxious publicist or simply buy your way in!!! oh yeah, that really happens and that`s why you see a band like the yesterdais (aka green hour) who have no releases or tours, only a few live shows, yet a shitload of unwarranted local press!!! publicity is available, you just gotta buy your way in. “earning it” does NOT exist in major vancouver media, face it.

    - Dec 16, 09:24 am

  7. The SSRIs

    We got the Shindig curse and our drummer quit right after! If anyone knows someone who wants to play in a band and can play drums, let us know!

    - Jan 2, 10:24 am

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