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The Petroleum By-Products


Most 17 year olds aren’t out on a weeknight playing in a band at a bar. Chances are they’re probably at home studying for exams or jerking off to pictures of Lindsay Lohan — at least I know I would be — but that’s obviously not the case for The Petroleum By-Products. And while I pretty much despise the term “dance band” these kids have given me new hope for this type of music. Their songs are catchy with a sort of “could-care-less” attitude and I can’t help but hope that they’re playing wherever I end up every weekend. I decided to interview Sally (guitar/vox), Robin (drums), Vanessa (keybs/vox), and Aaron (bass) to see what The Petroleum By-Products are all about…

ONLY: How did you guys start the band?

Rob: Fuck, it just happened! (chuckles)

ONLY: Where did the name The Petroleum By-Products come from?

Sally: We wanted to start a plastic band. (giggles)

Vanessa: It’s plastic everything now.

ONLY: Is it true that Justin from the Mutators saw your first show and told you to get a new drummer, so you did?

S: Yeah, Robin was at that show, so we asked him right after Justin talked to us.

ONLY: How did you tell your drummer at the time about your sudden decision?

S: We didn’t. We just said we weren’t having any practices anymore!

ONLY: How would you describe your sound?

V: Louis Armstrong once said, “Good music is music you can tap your foot to.”

ONLY: Other than shows at bars, have you played anywhere else like at a talent show or school dance?

S: Yes, we played a talent show at school with KKK Masks on our heads!

V: We got third, we didn’t accept our prize.

ONLY: What bands do you like playing with?

Aaron: White Lung is great, we all hang out and read astrology books before playing.

ONLY: Are you recording anytime soon?

S: We think we are…

A: Those songs on our Myspace site were only recorded so we could remember how to play them.

ONLY: When do you play next?

A: Shindig at the Railway Club on November 20th.

Actually, they play the after party for Only Magazine’s “All The Covers” art show at the Astoria on November 9th

  1. the gang

    Ask us for the real deal.

    - Nov 1, 01:51 AM

  2. Robin Borawski

    Please take this interview off. It’s shit.

    - Nov 3, 08:56 AM

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