Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

Moment of Truth

FOX’s tragic new twist on the game show reminds us that no one who lives in error will ever truly be free.

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Juno Sucks

Here’s why.

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Celebrity Pregnancies

Why the hottest Hollywood trend since Kabbalah is also the scariest.

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Toxic Mothers

The sad reality of celebrity “momagers” and how they are willing to sacrifice their daughters’ dignity and sanity for a glimpse of the spotlight.

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Marketing Birth Control

How does self expression have anything to do with not getting pregnant?

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How the hell is there even a market for celebrity scents?

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Does the “leave Britney alone” guy deserve a TV deal?

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Hanoi Sally

Why was Sally Field censored at the Primetime Emmys?

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Blogging on Paper

Why are newspapers filling their pages with crap you can read for free anywhere?

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Cure for the Curse

A manufacturer in the US called Wyeth is introducing its heavily publicised birth-control pill, Lybrel, and along with the promise to keep your womb fetus-free, they say you can finally stop living in fear of the monthly lady curse. As always, it comes as quite a relief to me that the drug companies have finally figured out how to turn an entirely natural and totally benign bodily function into something that should surely be feared and extinguished.

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