Thursday, March 21, 2019

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I'm on a Mexican radio - News 1130 clashes with Portland salsa station for a spicy mix of heat and droning

Fans of newswheel station News 1130 have been getting a little salsa with their traffic on the ones. New Portland radio station 1130 KPWX AM La Mexicana has aimed their antennas northward, playing a soundtrack behind News 1130’s news, traffic, and weather that makes you want to move.

Radio regulators usually insist that it is the problem of new radio stations to ensure that their signal does not interfere with existing signals. As News 1130 is one of the oldest radio stations in North America (on air, if not on 1130am, since 1923), it has a clear 50,000 watt signal that reaches far down the West Coast.

For its part, La Mexicana is required to change their signal throughout the day: 250 watts are pointed at Portland in the nighttime and 25,000 watts are pointed away from the city during the day. Of course, this means that those 25,000 watts are pointed north, interrupting whatever it is that News 1130 does.

Spanish music bleeding into News1130’s radiowaves
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