Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

Discorder partners with Vancouver is Awesome

+5 The December issue of Discorder will be combined with a new print edition of Vancouver Is Awesome Front side, Discorder; back side, VIA.

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Sad Mag Live! First Anniversary Fundraiser

Our friends at Sad Mag are having a live fundraiser at the Cultch on Saturday. It’s like a magazine live on stage. They say.

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Here's the story that made Hunter S. Thompson apply for a job at the Sun

The Vancouver Sun gleefully reported Monday the discovery of a letter that Hunter S. Thompson wrote in 1958, applying for a job with the paper. Shamefully, the Sun did not take the doctor up on his offer.

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I'm on a Mexican radio - News 1130 clashes with Portland salsa station for a spicy mix of heat and droning

Fans of newswheel station News 1130 have been getting a little salsa with their traffic on the ones. New Portland radio station 1130 KPWX AM La Mexicana has aimed their antennas northward, playing a soundtrack behind News 1130’s news, traffic, and weather that makes you want to move.

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Down by law

New Yorker James Powderly of the Graffiti Research Lab was one of the foreigners detained in Beijing during the Olympics for actively supporting Tibet.

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New Bitch

We’d like you all to meet our new intern, Tim Craddock (pictured above). Tim is a student of journalism at Kwantlen University, which is… well we have no actual idea what/where it is. Somewhere close? We hope. Anyways, Tim wrote today’s Random Interview, and he’s making us all pizza for dinner tonight in a wood burning oven we made him weld together over the weekend. Thick crust, Tim, or it’s your balls.

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jPod Watch: Episode Thirteen (Series Finale)

So Close You Can Almost Taste It, Release Your Inhibitions, Feel The Rain On Your Skin

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BMW Makes a Mess on Sasha Grey

Yesterday we picked up our new copy of the April issue of Vice with 19-year-old porn star Sasha Grey on the cover, and took it home to “read” in the privacy of our darkened office. Unfortunately our browsing was interrupted by a luminous green hue that could not be attributed back to our own organic matter. A quick on and off of the lights revealed something resembling a car glowing in the dark right on the cover. So, April… fool’s? Apparently not. We did some internetting, and it seems BMW actually paid to have this futuristic advertisement reveal itself on the cover of the youth-oriented publication, but only when said publication is rendered unreadable, in the dark. Genius.

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jPod Episode 11... er... 12

Ooh ouch! I failed to notice, but when I was unsuccessfully looking for Emilie Ullerup bikini pics online I found out that CBC completely jacked the actual episode 11 that was supposed to run a coupla weeks back when they were figure skating and they didn’t even bother to run it or say anything! Leaving me, the only remaining viewer, to believe that there was some kind of crappy Lost-esque time puke going down. No sir though, and that there episode 11 is actually now episode 12. They just threw that guy right in the shitter, and I didn’t notice because I am too scrupulous to recognize such buffoonery, and was actually, truly, crapping during the pre-ep round-up (no jokes, I swear). Honestly, if I was Doug Coupland or his personal assistant I’d be fucking pissed! Hell, I’d probably write a fictional account of the whole incident that was a real drag to read. Works every time.

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jPod Watch: Episode Eleven

Not Without My Heroin Turtleneck

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