Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade

There will probably be fewer trees and fish

Grant Lawrence threatens to tell all about the Smugglers in his next book.

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Johanna Skibsrud wins the Giller Prize for The Sentimentalists

+1 Score another one for the Ontario Gothic genre. Johanna Skibsrud won the Giller Prize last night for The Sentimentalists, in which a small-town Ontario daughter delves into her father’s past

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Dissecting the "Twilight"

Deborah Eisenberg’s “Twilight of the Superheroes”

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Beat Yourself Up

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Lesley Arfin

“I wouldn’t even wanna fuck with the person who I am today, in any way.”

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William Gibson

“If I imagine what people do and then people do that thing, I don’t go ‘Oh they did it because of what I wrote.’ They did it because… I knew people would do that shit!”

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