Friday, March 22, 2019

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Take the British out of British Columbia

Take the British out of British Columbia

Wrong. No other word better sums up the state of England today.

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Only the Best

The best of Only Magazine, 2007.

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It's ONLY Christmas

We got plans.

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Strike Stench

Sign the five-year contract and shut the fuck up.

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It's a Wonderful ATM Fraud

The rich are getting desperate. Covering your PIN won’t help you now.

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Period Piece

Image © Kelly Nicoll

The average vadge bleeds onto about 15,000 pads/tampons during her menstruating career. That’s like 17 shopping carts full of garbage.

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Heritage Of Hate

Hotel Vancouver, across the street from Hotel Georgia

The Hotel Georgia has just closed for a few years-worth of redecorating and redevelopment, prompting the press to spend a little time reminiscing and shining up the fact that the Hotel Georgia was the first major hotel to welcome black guests in the late 1950s. Wait… Vancouver hotels were banning blacks?

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It’s okay to be gay

According to the teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, all faithful Christians are obliged to tolerate homosexuality and embrace gays as part of their community. It says so, right in the Bible. Clearer than KY jelly. A few Christians out there may be confused by this.

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More than ten things that I hate about you

On November 27th, our very own man-in-motion, Mayor Sam Sullivan, unleashed Project Civil City, a 32-page discharge outlining how Vancouver can aggressively combat public disorder. “[E]nhancing the civic response to nuisance[s]” such as “annoyance complaints”–animals, overpriced coffee and people not flushing after they go number 2–are all part of the mayor’s proposal to the council.

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Shiny Balls

Still from "Geopolitics in 30 Seconds" on Wonder Showzen

The economy won’t save us Look at your shoes. Made in China. Look at your iPod. Made in China. Look at your cock. Made in China. Now, look at your government.

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