Thursday, June 21, 2018

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More destroying please

Your band doesn’t suck

LAST week I went to the And You Will Know Us from the Trail of Dead show, and really, we should force these guys to always end their tours in Vancouver. They played a kick-ass set, but I’m still thinking “Man, they didn’t break as much gear as they did last time.” More destroying please.
This Friday night at the Lamplighter we have the big launch party for Only Magazine—you know, this masterpiece of Canadian literature you are holding in your hands right now. Not to brag, but there are also a lot of other brilliant writers in the pages of this magazine that have worthy things to say besides me, so come down and show your support. Buy Alan Hindle a drink while you’re at it. And here’s your chance to tell me that I was dead wrong and your band doesn’t suck. And if that’s not enough, there’ll be a sweet night of music with T.A.L.A. Band, You Say Party! We Say Die!, and Video Games rocking out while DJ John Cougar spins the records.
If you want to go check out a few things before the launch party you have some options. Don’t bother with Death Cab for Cutie at the Commodore unless you have a ticket because it’s sold out. Anatolian Wisdom and Demyse, two of the bands that were part of the Halloween show that got cancelled by the cops at the Asbalt last week are back, and they are charging based on a sliding door scale to recoup some of their costs. And New Music West will be in full swing. It’s big, corporate and on the whole not run terribly well this year. The feeling I got is that they are throwing this thing last minute just so they don’t lose their grant money. The organizers dropped the ball and lost a few key venues on certain dates, some bands got booked on showcases that they didn’t want to play in (so they probably won’t show up), and then the website says there are over 250 bands playing, but the last time I counted there were less than 200. But hey, at least a wristband is still dirt-cheap and there are tons of great local acts that deserve your support. Mohawk Lodge/Kids These Days play an early show at Voda. Normally the only reason I went to Voda was for cheap booze night, but this makes a good exception. And then there’s a My Project:Blue/Run Chico Run/The Salteens showcase at the Penthouse, which is lovely. MP:B’s been real busy recording new stuff, I’m sure they’ll welcome the chance to play in front of a crowd again.
Saturday night New Music West brings you Montreal’s Stars CD Release show with Ontario’s Gentleman Reg and our own P:ano at Richard’s. It’ll be interesting to see, as I really dig Stars’ last CD but this new one I’m not too fond of (so far). There’s also The Fine Options/Immaculate Machine for an all-Victorian night at the Penthouse. And In Media Res and Motion Soundtrack are playing at the Buffalo Club. This Motion Soundtrack I’ve never seen before, but I’m told that they sound exactly like Oasis. Good or bad—you decide. Non-NMW happenings on the same night include two out-of-town acts that are no strangers to the city: Blonde Redhead at the Commodore and Frog Eyes at the Brickyard.
Highlights for the rest of the week include the Magnetic Fields at the Vogue on Sunday; Stephin Merritt doesn’t come here often and I’m pretty stoked about that. Tuesday is the first SHiNDiG semis with buzz performer of the year Dandi Wind, Juli from Black Rice’s Evol-Hearted, and the surprising The Little Death. Wednesday there’s ISIS/These Arms Are Snakes at the Mesa Luna. And Thursday is the start of the annual Festival of Guns, kicking off with The WPP and The Approach at the Pic. Who said festivals have to suck?

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