Monday, May 21, 2018

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Pleasure Principle

One thing I learnt this summer break is that I couldn’t possibly get enough of Great Aunt Ida. Sure, the songs are gorgeous and catchy but it’s mostly the way Ida carries herself on stage that makes them so appealing. Her bantering in between songs is humbly humourous, which contrasts with the air of confidence (rightfully so) in her music—like she’s saying “I know my stuff is good, so pay attention.” Needless to say her performance at the Butchershop was excellent; Dan Goldman and Peter La Grand were not shabby either, although Peter’s set was probably a bit too long. Openers should not play longer than half an hour.

By now everyone knows The Pic got closed down. God-knows-what has been dripping from the rooms upstairs and eating up the floor tiles underneath. Taking an informal poll around town I got many different opinions on the bar, ranging from “it’s one of few respectable venues” to “I hate that fucking disgusting dive!” Word now is the place is fixed up but will come back solely as a country bar. That’s sad. Like it or not, for a period of time The Pic was one of the only venues in town of that size, showcasing good local acts (I can’t keep track of how many times I’ve seen New Years Resolutions there) and rising international ones (Les Savy Fav, TV On The Radio and the famous White Stripes show come to mind).

The always uncompromisingly rockin’ Ted Leo and the Pharmacists visit Richard’s on September 2. The last time he graced the venue he convinced a bunch of folks from the crowd to go up and dance madly on stage. Shapes and Sizes, a nice and pretty pop band from Victoria, play the next night at the Lamplighter with They Shoot Horses Don’t They? and The Weather. I’m betting that it’ll be fantastic. Paris’ enigmatic Keren Ann comes to the Media Club on September 3 playing with the aforementioned Great Aunt Ida. You might have noticed that Mint’s latest signees the Immaculate Machine have been playing their fair share of gigs in Vancouver this summer, and September 9 is their big CD release party at the Railway. On September 10 you can either mellow out with Castle Project and Octoberman (Marc from Kids These Days’ solo project) at the Lamplighter or go crazy at the You Say Party! We Say Die! CD release at Pat’s with Fun 100 and Raised By Wolves. For all the kids out there who can’t get into licensed bars, YSP!WSD!puts on another party just for you at the Mesa Luna the next night with The Doers, TSHDY? and Hot Loins.

And oh, the first night of Shindig 2005 starts Tuesday September 13 at the Railway with yours truly once again MC’ing the event. That’ll go on for 13 weeks. Twenty-seven bands. Some names you’ll recognize, some you will not, but that’s exactly what makes Shindig so awesome. Remember Dandi Wind?

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