Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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Summer School Week 2: Pleasure Principle

I know it’s supposed to be summer vacation for us but last week was pretty busy and hectic for me, although you can say that it’s a good thing. I saw the eight-piece Australian band Architectural In Helsinki trying to fit themselves on the tiny Media Club stage, and they were pretty delightful with their catchy as hell teeth-rotting pop songs. It might be gimmicky, but with eight people scrambling and switching instruments all the time it was enough to keep their entire performance interesting. The next night I went to see Kids These Days, Castle Project and Blood Meridian at Richard’s. Booking a local only show at a huge venue (on a Wednesday no less) was a big risk, and it was so nice to see that a good number of people showed up. Then on Thursday I was at the Mesa Luna for an all-ager, and I caught most of Fun 100, All Purpose Voltage Heroes, Bella, and They Shoot Horses Don’t They? Maybe the kids weren’t as jumpy as I’d like to see, but it was still fun. Friday night I was running back and forth between the Media Club and The Pic, and saw some of New Years Resolution, Robosexuals, The Nein, The Quiet Numbers, The Parallels, and The Weather. The Nein (they are from North Carolina, not to be confused with locals The Neins Circa) were actually much better than I thought they’d be – interesting song structures and a lot of energy. The highlight of the night though was when the Robosexuals started smashing up their keyboard and guitar at the front of Piccadilly stage, with shrapnel flying in every direction and the crowd (me included) running for cover. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating and people were not actually diving behind tables for safety, but I did take a couple of steps backwards. On Saturday, I visited to Down the Lee’s CD release show at the Waldorf. My first viewing of them and I was impressed. With Clover Honey and Joel and the Last of the Neighbours on the same bill it made for a great night.

I’ll be in Toronto for North By Northeast this weekend, which is neat but it means that I’m going to have to miss a whole whack of first-rate shows here in Vancouver. Great Aunt Ida’s CD Release party is happening Friday at the Western Front; they’ll be sharing the stage with The Fits and Joel RL Phelps with The Secret Three. Great Aunt Ida is wonderful to watch, the new album is fantastic, so don’t miss this show. However, if there is some sort of restraining order preventing you from hitting that side of town there are other options. Rumbletone is putting Sparrow with* The Neins Circa* at the Marine Club, and Prints, Badamps and the Spinoffs at the Candy Bar on the same evening.

The tenth annual FaceFest is happening at the Railway this Saturday. It is one night of music insaneness put on by the folks at FacePlant, a self-run rehearsal/recording space. There will be two stages running at the same time featuring 20+ acts, including the likes of Betty Kracker, Bughouse Five, Salmon Arm, The Rain and the Sidewalk and Motorama. If that’s not enough for you in one night, two brilliant bands in My Project: Blue and Regional Hats are over at the Candy Bar. Chris Frey’s The Book of Lists is doing a CD release party with They Shoot Horses and Christa Min at the Lamplighter. Lastly, at Pat’s Pub there’s Ladyhawk and Blood Meridian. That’s four outrageously good shows in one night. Good luck trying to decide which of these gigs you’ll attend. I’m glad I don’t have to pick.

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