Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Insane With Music Waste

Cheaper Than A Drink And A Movie

Hope you got enough rest last week because this weekend is going to be insane with Music Waste happening all around town. At $15 a pass it’s the best deal in town, and I don’t think I’m being biased here (most of you probably know that the festival is in part organized by the Only staff). For the price of a movie and a drink you can get a pass that’ll get you into 20+ shows showcasing well over 60 acts. If you haven’t show hopped before, you should start this weekend – trust me, it’s fun.

On Friday as part of Music Waste there’s a benefit for CJSF Radio with Elizabeth/Daddy’s Hands/Tights/Hot Loins at the Anza Club. The Tights are an interesting new project featuring members of the Winks and Secret Mommy. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is the first time in months that Elizabeth will play a gig where they aren’t opening for some big name out of town band. Over at it’s local favorites Ladyhawk and Joel & The Last of the Neighbours along with Albertans Fake Cops and Vertical Struts. This is the Neighbours’ first show in a while and should be a lot of drunken fun. Other Music Waste shows you might want to check out the same night include Cape May/Bend Sinister/The Christa Min/Prints at the Railway, Primes/Bakelite at the Lamplighter, Foster Kare at the Candy Bar (that’s a new venue on Kingsway which Frank Rumbletone is quite proud of), Vincent Black Shadow/Art Of Dying (ex-sunlikestar, who had some success on CFOX and XFM previously, if you dig that kind of thing) at the Brickyard, and They Shoot Horses Don’t They/The Nervous Breakdowns/Mr. Plow/Weevo at the Waldorf (apparently Weevo is a Devo and Ween fusion/kid toy rock band). And there’s even a few non-Music Waste shows around, such as the …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead and International Noise Conspiracy gig at the Commodore, for those who prefer the big out of town acts. If you’re looking for a hot dance party, Olympia’s dyke rap duo, Scream Club will take Lick.

The next night Music Waste is just as busy with Rod Slaughter (of Duotang fame)’s Novillero at the Anza. I’m a sucker for most things from Winnipeg and the ever so catchy Novillero is no exception. Sharing the stage with them will be The Nein Circa, The Summerlad, and Cadeaux, who just returned from a cross Canada tour and should be in tip top shape. Arrington DeDionyso from Old Time Relijun will be at the Butchershop. People who see Arrington tend to yap on for days about it afterwards – the guy does some totally bizarre singing with his throat that no one should miss. Across the street at The Main there’s Meori, Monica Lee, Leah Abramson and Lisa O’Neil. Abramson I quite like, the rest I know nothing about but I’m guessing it’ll be a quiet affair. Over at the Adonai Pub there’s New Years Resolution with The Winks. Olympia’s Joey Casio is at the Lamplighter with Channels 2+3, The Nons, and Not Now. Mark of Beats, Fun 100 and Wax Mannequin are at Pat’s Pub, with those three acts you can expect the unexpected for sure.

Sunday is the last day of Music Waste. For you hip-hop fans, The Front/Josh Martinez/Calamaka/No Luck Club are doing an afternoon all-ages show at the Mesa Luna. Calgary’s Red Not Evil joins Bella and The Rain and the Sidewalk play Pub 340 for an early evening show. At the Media Club it’s Lindy/Bontempi/My Project:Blue/Alana Levandoski. Lindy and Levandoski are two out-of-town acts with some buzz. But even if you don’t care for them, you should at least come for the always fantastic Bontempi and My Project:Blue.

With Music Waste over you’d think things will be quieter the rest of the week but that’s not the case. Tuesday night at the Lamplighter the ex-Husker Dü Grant Hart plays with The Doers. Normally that’s a no brainer except that there’s a pretty slick Kill Rock Star bill at Richard’s the same night too, with The Gossip, who everyone seems to love, and Berlin’s Stereo Total, yet another much hyped guy/girl pop-punk duo. And then on Wednesday and Thursday there are two shows with Modest Mouse at the Q.E. Over the last couple months I’ve been asked “Are you going to Modest Mouse?” about twenty odd times, so I’m assuming a lot of you are going?

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