Monday, May 21, 2018

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Where’s Christa Min?

Be Prepared For Some Aggressive Rock

Like many expected, there will not be a New Music West this year, as the industry smooch-fest is taking some time off to regroup. All in all it’s probably a good thing since the 2004 festival wasn’t particularly well run, especially for an event that’s dying to be mentioned in the same breath as South by Southwest or Canadian Music Week. On the other hand, the anti-New Music West, Music Waste, is back and fast approaching once again this year. By the time you read this you should be able to buy passes to the festival at your local mom and pop record shop. Last Friday night I went to the Music Waste benefit show at the Lamplighter, and it was a blast. Fun 100 was the first band on stage and I’m starting to really dig these kids from Abbottsford. Catchy songs, tons of energy and a hell of a lot of fun. Hot Loins came on after Fun 100 and they are a keyboard punk band who started the set with knitting yarn wrapped all over their bodies, which was a bizarre sight. Their music was good, although it could use a tad more variation. The singer mentioned that this was only their second gig ever, if that’s true then they are quite a promising act. Every time I see The Christa Min I’m always distracted by the name of the band – every five minutes I’d think, “Where’s Christa Min? Why isn’t she on stage? Oh wait, she’s not supposed to be in the band…” And if you are going to name your band after Christa Min the least you can do is put a giant photo of her on the drum set. Am I alone in thinking that this is the obvious thing to do? Channels 3 & 4 ended the evening, and they were mighty swell as usual. I always love it when I see Sarah strutting into the crowd and doing her stuff.

This Friday there are a couple early shows of interest. Jason Molina from Songs:Ohia fame is bringing his band Magnolia Electric Company to Richard’s. The band rocks a lot harder than his solo act, and with Ladyhawk opening for them, this is probably not a show you’d want to miss – unless of course you’d rather see Sweden’s Mando Diao at the Red Room, which is not an entirely terrible option. Make sure you head over to the Lamplighter later in the night, as Channels 3 & 4 are back, this time sharing the spotlight with Black Horse and Mommy and Daddy, a husband and wife team many consider as the leading New York electro-punk power couple. Strong sexy vocals backed by a drum machine and bass, I’m guessing that it’ll be a pretty fine show.

Saturday’s going to be busy, starting with an early show at the Media Club featuring Wolf Eyes, who many will remember from the Sonic Youth show last year. Be warned though, they are a heavy experimental noise band, which might upset the stomachs of those who expect a bit more predictability in their music. Later in the evening there are a few shows competing for your attention. British post-punk forefathers Gang of Four will be at the Commodore as part of their reunion tour, featuring the original lineup from 1981. The Winks have been invited to tour Australia in June with The Red Paintings, which is a great opportunity. In order to raise money for airfare they are putting on a benefit show at the Lamplighter and are hoping for your support. Over at the Railway, it’ll be a fun night of indie pop with Bonaparte, Sparrow and They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? And if that’s not enough, be prepared for some aggressive rock down the street at the Pic with The WPP and Foster Kare.

Enjoy the witty words of James Murphy when LCD Soundsystem comes to the Commodore this Tuesday. On Wednesday, Nomeansno is having a 25th anniversary show at Mesa Luna with Removal and the ever so busy Feminists. Salmon Arm’s over at the Railway the same night, these guys (and girl) have been missing in action for the last little while. It should be a good show; they are playing with a couple of bands from the Prairies. And come back to the Railway the next night for Joel and Mr. Plow. You don’t want to make Plow angry now do you?

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