Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Ticket to Paradise - The Shangri-La Vancouver Lobby Lounge

Shangri-la Vancouver by SashaFatCat via Flickr

I had coffee at the Shangri-La Hotel’s Lobby Lounge last Sunday. It’s the cafe bar on the first floor just behind the hotel’s main entrance here in Vancouver. It only makes sense that I should introduce you to this place while the paint is still drying and the planters sit empty awaiting their fauna since the building itself has been towering over Only HQ for the past two years while it crawled slowly towards the sky. Since I am unwelcome at the other flagship hotel of this fine city due to past debauchery, I suspect that I’ll be filing more than one report from within the walls of the Shangri-La. We are, after all, neighbors.

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“He’s just the nicest, nicest, most genuine man.”

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“You won’t believe what’s in store.”

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“The Taste Lives Here.”

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P.C.O.V / Hotel Vancouver / Gerard


“Give us a line of coke!”

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Grade 'A' Cafe and Restaurant

“The Best Breakfast In Town All Day”

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The Fox Cinema

“Please replace the light bulb.”

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photo:squeaky marmot

“Would you like the roast beef dinner on your Bay card sir?”

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St. Paul's Hospital

“Just don’t take anything from the salad bar, the psych patients like to put stuff in the coleslaw.”

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Planet Bingo

Planet Bingo

“We have a false Bingo. I repeat, we have a false Bingo.”

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