Friday, April 20, 2018

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Top 5 Movies with Summer In The Title

  1. Summertime (1955) – David Lean: An American woman goes to Venice and finds romance. The official tagline reads:She came to Venice as a tourist…and went home a woman.
  2. One Crazy Summer (1986) – Savage Steve: Holland Bobcat Golthwait in a Godzilla suit and a Ferrari car-boat race. John Cusack AND Demi Moore.
  3. Summer Lovers (1982) – Randal Kleiser: Three people meet in Greece and get into three ways.
  4. Endless Summer (1966) – Bruce Brown: The classic surf movie that follows a group of surfers as they search the world for the best waves. Go Brah!
  5. Summer School (1987) – Carl Reiner: A bum of a high school gym teacher is forced to forego the beach to teach a bunch of dummies.
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