Thursday, April 25, 2019

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Lonely Boy (1962)

Paul Anka is a Lonely Boy

Wolf Koenig & Roman Kroiter It may seem strange that there is actually something about Paul Anka to “get”, but the guy is awesome. Originally from Ottawa, he wrote his first #1 hit “Diana” about his ex-babysitter. He also wrote “Put Your Head On My Shoulders”, “My Way” for Sinatra, even the theme for Johnny Carson. This form-defining documentary, produced for the NFB, captures Anka at 20-years-old as he tours the U.S., gigging at the legendary Copacabana Club, and playing for over 60,000 totally delirious, screaming fans in Freedomland, Coney Island. All before “Beatlemania.” For its short 27 minutes, this movie is a window into the life of a man who is more than just the original teen idol. Candid interviews lead you to realise that Anka’s startling honesty, ease, class, and natural talent aren’t a joke and, like he said, he was born to entertain.

  1. Mayana

    This photo looks more like That 70’s Show star and host of Yo Mamma, (enter name). You know the guy.

    I smell a bio-pic!

    - May 10, 06:35 am

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