Sunday, May 20, 2018

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Spank Rock—Yoyoyoyoyoyo

Spank Rock

Big Dada Toss this on without doing your research and you might get a bit confused. “So this is that new Baltimore Club shit that all the everyones have been buzzing about for the past year?” Answer: No. But for the majority of the record-buying public, this is going to serve as their intro to B-More. And well, so be it. There are elements of Baltimore Club embedded here — especially the overtly sexual lyrics — but really this is just a successful amalgamation of all the most unique movements of the past year or so. A bit of grime, some dancehall, a small styrofoam cup of sizzurp, and yes, some B-More. Experimental enough to wow the casual music listener without actually breaking ground, and probably doing a good job of making all these things a bit more accessible. I’m not saying I’m against this or anything, I just prefer the real Baltimore shit.

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