Monday, May 21, 2018

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Aids Wolf - Live Deth

Live Deth

Kitty Play I must say that this disc’s five-colour design by Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau (of Serigraphie Populaire, formerly of the bands Da Bloody Gashes and The Electric End) looks hot. The songs are like a well-stocked toolkit: drilling, screwing, hammering and sawing you with repetitive guitar shrieks and ever-crashing drums. Chloe’s vocals are sometimes yelpy, sometimes screamy, and I guess everything obnoxious in between. Their show at The Butchershop was as much volume as the little art spot could handle. Promoters expressed great concern for the mini p.a. and more timid observers noted that “it sounded good from outside.” There’s only 300 of this CD out there, and I think only a handful were left in Vancouver during their visit. But you can get it online from the band or the label. Keep it in the garage next to your ratchet set.

  1. Cameron

    but how hard did levathians suck, eh? god, how i hate “noise” and “experimental” music. - Sep 15, 09:33 PM

  2. Sarah C

    i think it’s obvious, dear camsie, that you’re just envious of how much better Larissa looks in a wierd white cloak than you ever could.
    xox - Sep 30, 05:10 AM

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