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Octoberman, Japandroids, Oh No & Liars

Our regular album-reviewing married couple, Meg and Jeph, left earlier this month on a trip to Europe, requiring us to find a new couple bound by union. We honestly racked our brains for weeks trying to think of a substitute before remembering our adorable friends, Mos and Amanda. They were the perfect replacements: totally in love with each other and music. What made them even better was that they hadn’t heard of, or at least heard the music of, a bunch of the bands we asked them to review. Probably too busy being married and awesome.

Octoberman – Run From Safety
Amanda: Octoberman to the rescue! Man, I can’t believe it’s almost October.

Mosang: A lot of these songs have good foundations, but there are too many horns and metaphors piled on. It reminds me of a new, poppy Wilco. How old is Octoberman anyway to be dragging his old bones up the stairs?

A: Like my old nemesis Blues Traveler. The pensive wonderings about life just seem borrowed; musings on others’ musings.

M: 6th Avenue Heartache! “Elbow Room” totally channels The Wallflowers, not to mention the Ice Cube reference. “Diggity check yo self before you wreck yo self!” Man, that song’s good.

A: “Shit Just Falls Apart” is good, funny and good. The last part of the album is better ‘cause the songs are more basic and purist.

M: The singing and music are totally tight and cohesive.

A: The last song “Chasing Ambulances” is really nice with the violin. He’s all battered and bruised, actually talking about something real.

Japandroids – All Lies (EP)
Amanda: I love that “Whoooo!” in “Couture Suicide.”

Mosang: The guitars on this album are awesome, so crunchy.

A: Nice and heavy like Primus. They’re good yellers. It’s all sing-songy and makes me think of the Gossip.

M: Not so much singing in these songs.

A: Good. I get sick of singing.

M: “To Hell with Good Intentions” cracks me up. It’s so damn snot-nosed and punky. “My love is bigger than your love…” What does that line mean anyway?

A: That’s how we show love in our society. It’s all a big contest, like ‘this diamond really means I love you baby, because it’s so much bigger than all the other girls’ diamonds.’

M: “Press Corps” rocks like Dinosaur Jr. It’s a call to all journalists! It’s got two totally different riffs in it too.

A: I thought this song said “Fresh Corn! Give me something to wake up for!” Seemed like a weird thing to wake up for. I’m glad we know this band now.

M: I like this album because I can listen to the whole thing on my bus ride to work.

Oh No – Dr. No’s Oxperiment
Mosang: Man, I’d hate to be at this party. Sounds like a bunch of dudes bobbing their heads.

Amanda: I like some of the samples. I just grow weary of it because it all feels overdone.

M: Definitely. I suppose you could use these tracks in your DJ set or something.

A: Yeah, I’m always DJ-ing.

M: A bunch of little snippets, just like the “Donuts” album by J Dilla. I’d rather hear them stretched out into full songs.

A: I like the traditional Eastern singing and music on “Heavy” and some of the other songs. I’d rather just hear that.

M: I wouldn’t want to listen to the entire album in one sitting. It’s a bit schizophrenic.

A: It all just sounds watered-down because it’s all such short songs. It doesn’t get you in that trance-y space because a song doesn’t continue on long enough.

M: I don’t have much more to say.

A: Me either.

Liars – Liars
Mosang: “Plaster Casts of Everything” is a pretty good way to open an album. Sounds like ‘90s rock and grunge.

Amanda: “I wanna run away, I wanna bring you too.” That’s how I feel sometimes. It reminds me of Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers. It feels like being a teenager.

M: Some of the songs are just noise.

A: They sound like underwater Mazzy Star with the discordant guitar and steady bass. Some of them are too heavy though, like you should be down in your S&M cave.

M: Very droning. I like the rockin’ songs more.

A: I don’t know what they’re saying.

M: I have no idea. I do like “Clear Island”, probably because I can understand what they’re saying.

A: It’s sort of ambient, pretty good but not too many songs I really like. It’s kinda boring.

  1. Coolier Than Thou

    A party where a bunch of dudes bob their heads sounds like a pretty good party to me.

    Better than a party where a bunch of dudes smoking Belmont Milds and drinking Pacific Pilsner drop the phrases “garage” and “post-punk” to each other, without really knowing what it means. Oh, and Sabbath – they’d mention Sabbath too.

    - Sep 29, 12:18 am

  2. C.0

    Ba-ZING! No mention of beards, bandanas and fixed gear in there? C’mon, if we’re going to bandy about the lifestyle signifiers, let’s be thorough.

    - Sep 30, 10:15 am

  3. Coolier Than Thou

    But I can’t make fun of those things as I have a beard, a carefully folded bandanna in my back pocket that will never, EVER touch the snot it was made to receive, and I walk my fixed gear bike up that hill on Main St. between 2nd and Broadway every day (stopping in to say “hi” to my friends at Budgies, natch).
    By the way, I’m the coolest person in the city, er, I mean, awesomest (“awesome” as an adjective is cooler, I mean, more awesome, than “cool” as an adjective).

    Only, can I write for you? I’m clearly irreverent without being irrelevant.

    - Oct 4, 10:12 pm

  4. baboosh

    this is great. it’s like an ‘i saw you’.

    - Oct 4, 10:53 pm

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