amilniazi: As mentioned, Criminal Minds did an episode around a...


As mentioned, Criminal Minds did an episode around a “sexual sadist” luring women away from clubs using “seduction skills” (UGH) that he learned at a seminar hosted by a toolburger named Viper. It was a thinly-veiled parody of garbage space tranny, Mystery.

It’s impossible to convey all of my anger and repulsion at The Game and its followers, as evidenced by the kind of troll-barfs that appear on the Pick-up Artist, desperate to hook-up with female humans.

Magic tricks to manipulate women into having sex with you? No.

Subtle put-downs to reinforce your alpha-status to your “prey?” Oh Okay.

Eye-liner? Good work.

I think we should just go ahead and put these guys in the Sex Offender Registry to save time.

You CANNOT manipulate women into having sex with you, they either will or they won’t the second they meet you. The only swaying factor involved will be alcohol, not a magic trick and definitely not an extra coat of Wet n’ Wild liquid liner.

So pay attention garbage clowns, your sad attempts to exert dominance in a world that treats you like shit because, let’s face it, you’re at the bottom of the life-pyramid is grossly transparent. You want to have sloppy hate-sex with hordes of low self-esteemers using old Rodney Dangerfield material? Go ahead, but this snake-oil isn’t going to teach you to be a successful, decent human being and we’re all still laughing at you.

You can continue paying for this guy’s illegal advice or you can take this from me for free: Kill yourself.

thehandshake: or, so you don’t look cheap, Amil will do it for you, for a small fee.

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