Friday, March 22, 2019

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Kafka in the Tub (part V)

Ok, so I’ve been reading The Trial in the bath, and only in the bath. I’ll be posting excerpts here as a special series on called Kafka in the Tub. Enjoy!

At last, K. was by himself. It did not enter his head to show anyone else into his office and only became vaguely aware of how nice it was that the people outside thought he was still negotiating with the manufacturer and, for this reason, he could not let anyone in to see him, not even the servitor.  He went over to the window, sat down on the ledge beside it, held firmly on to the handle and looked down onto the square outside.  The snow was still falling, the weather still had not brightened up at all.

Chapter 7
Lawyer - Manufacturer - Painter

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