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Rep. Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) just took the cake for the most slanderous political ad of this election season. (A pretty astounding feat, given all we’ve seen so far.)

Dole is locked in a tight re-election race against Democratic state senator Kay Hagan. In her latest ad, Dole attacks Hagan for taking part in a “secret fundraiser” hosted by the Godless Americans PAC, and ends with a voice-over of someone who sounds like Hagan saying “there is no God.”

Except that Hagan never said any such thing. And the fundraiser she attended had 40 different hosts, including Sen. John Kerry. And she’s never even heard of the Godless Americans PAC.

Oh, and Hagan is an elder at the Presbyterian church in Greensboro and has taught Sunday School there.

Elizabeth Dole is looking pretty Godless right about now.



2) I would assume each and every news organiziation will send out a cease and desist order, as they’ve done to others this election season for using their clips as ads.

3) God. I don’t think he’d be down with this kind of crap. Isn’t this basically using his name for gain? Yes, yes it is.

4) Elizabeth Dole is Not a North Carolina Resident (by my uncle Ben, a NC resident)

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