Sunday, March 24, 2019

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So Chuck used to live in Johnny’s apartment that he was...

So Chuck used to live in Johnny’s apartment that he was renting while shooting 21 Jumpstreet, and we came up with the brilliant idea of opening up his apartment to the public as The Johnny Depp Domestic Museum. Basically on Saturdays we’d put a sandwich board in front of the building inviting people up to see Johnny’s apartment for a fee, of course. All we had to do was hang up a couple pictures of Johnny and put some of those velvet ropes up so you couldn’t even get past the foyer because we’d be in the livingroom watching South Park. Anyway, it all fell apart when Chuck decided to move to NY to be a politician or something. Still, I couldn’t resist picking this up from the dollar store the other day. It’s currently hanging outside Johnny and Chuck’s old apartment, #22.

UPDATE: Should also mention that tours of Johnny and Chuck’s apartment are still available by appointment only (still have a key). And that Darren used to live there too. To book a tour of Johnny, Chuck, and Darren’s apartment, email me.

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