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barthel reblogged this from suddenly and added:

Good lord, I thought we wouldn’t have any of this sorta shit for this election. How wrong I was. People, huh?

You mean opposing viewpoints? Yeahhhh why bother with any of THOSE during a Presidential election!

Opposing viewpoints are GREAT. Unfortunately this one isn’t very well thought out and is mostly a mish mash of smears.

Such as saying Obama has no real plan for universal health care, is not being clear on what to do about Iraq, and is not opposed to a strike on Iran.

He has been clear about his stand on gay marriage and his policy on Israel as well.

Maybe you just haven’t done the legwork. Maybe you’re just reblogging some cute smear graphic you found on the internet. Maybe i’m wrong. You’ll have to be more clear.

I welcome folks who have honest, sincere opposition to what his policies are, but a majority of what I have heard from the other side is misrepresentation and smearing.

If you’re going to try and make a point, make sure you come prepared with actual facts to back it up.

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