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Halloween Palin Prop Sparks Controversy In WeHo

If this were an Obama display do you think the “artist” would get off so lightly? LOL I don’t think so! So why is this ok?

Left wing propagandist Keith Olbermann on the heavily biased MSNBC named the “artist” his “worst person in the world”, denouncing his “art” as a “display of violence.”

Of course this isn’t OK. It’s disgusting, and nobody would ever suggest otherwise. I think the reason everyone’s not going ballistic about it, however, is that it’s pretty hard to find a time that Obama, Biden, or most people on their staff have even mentioned Palin by name, let alone come remotely close to encouraging this sort of act. There has been no “palling around with terrorists” equivalent, nor have they ever once called her out on any number of her lies, nor have they ever said she doesn’t see America as you or I do, even though she’s married to someone who actually does. I’m not saying that if there was an Obama effigy hanging from some tree in Alabama it would be the fault of McCain and his campaign, but the shit some of his supporters have been yelling at rallies? The ‘Osama Bin Lyin’ thing? Yeah, I do blame McCain and the Republicans for encouraging that. Because they fucking did.

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