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Kafka in the Tubb (part IV)

Ok, so I’ve been reading The Trial in the bath, and only in the bath. I’ll be posting excerpts here as a special series on called Kafka in the Tub. Enjoy!

One winter morning - snow was falling in the dull light outside - K. was sitting in his office, already extremely tired despite the early hour. He had told the servitor he was engaged in a major piece of work and none of the junior staff should be allowed in to see him, so he would not be disturbed by them at least. But instead of working he turned round in his chair, slowly moved various items around his desk, but then, without being aware of it, he lay his arm stretched out on the desk top and sat there immobile with his head sunk down on his chest.

He was no longer able to get the thought of the trial out of his head.

Chapter 7
Lawyer - Manufacturer - Painter

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