Saturday, March 23, 2019

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I’m worried about Obama’s unflappability. The man is...

I’m worried about Obama’s unflappability. The man is WAY too cool. I love him, you know I do, but I’m genuinely worried that one day he’ll be sitting in the Oval Office, and Biden might come in all suddenly without knocking because he’s really excited about a cool new trick he just learned on his yo-yo, and then out of nowhere Obama will completely go bananas because he’s been bottling it up for YEARS and that shit is super unhealthy, and then Biden will go “What’s the drama ‘Bama?” And then Barack will rage out all crazy and disappear for a few days, only to resurface with some skeezy paparazi out in LA, fucking for cigarettes and using a fake British accent and probably starring in some night vision sex-tape, and it’ll be pretty sad, and we’ll all be left wondering if he’d just gone “Sarah Palin? That bitch is CRAZY!” last night, maybe it could have all been avoided.

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