Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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Me in bed with Ron Santo Well, that’s it. The Cubs lost...

Me in bed with Ron Santo

Well, that’s it. The Cubs lost 3-1 tonight, ending any hopes of fixing their 100year World Series drought. They were swept by the Dodgers, my new favorite team, three straight games. This loss was actually more spectacular than if the Cubs would have won the fall classic that has alluded them all this time. We’re talking about the best team in the National League this year not winning a playoff game in TWO FUCKING YEARS. Speechless.

I had a great time during these three games though, sitting at the bar in solitude, texting my friends that I love them, and contemplating how I’m going to keep it real now that I’m on the cusp of celebrity status. My only regret is that I watched these last three games on TV. Sacrilege! To end the season without my fellas Pat Hughes and Ron Santo in my ears, who’ve been with me since last spring, it just wasn’t right. As a tribute to them I’m gonna listen to tonight’s loss all over again while I get ready for another dinner party hosted at my place tomorrow evening. I’ll try not to pass out at the table like I did last night. I’m still finding pasta in my hair.

I am/was the best sports writer ever. This now concludes coverage of the NLDS featuring the Chicago Cubs and the LA Dodgers at Over’nout.

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