Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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I’m not exactly sure what the fuck went down in Chicago...

I’m not exactly sure what the fuck went down in Chicago tonight, but it’s bound to get worse when loose cannon and mad man Carlos Z. takes to the mound for the Cubs tomorrow night. The guy beats up his team mates and does drug runs to the Dominican Republic before games. He also trashes the dugout when things don’t go well, which is highly entertaining, but not good for the team. I’m worried, we should all be worried.

The Cub’s loss at Wrigley was not nearly as bad though as being left with a drunk on and having to watch Kevin Youkilis (pic’d above left) come to the plate in the Boston vs. Angels game that was on after the Cub’s loss. Youkilis is easily the ugliest player in Major League Baseball, and you can thank me for sparing you all a picture of him in his batting stance, because it looks like he’s trying to take a shit rather than hit a ball, NSFW. More tomorrow over’n’out.

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