Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Kafka In The Tubb (Part II)

Ok, so I’ve been reading The Trial in the bath, and only in the bath. I’ll be posting excerpts here as a special series on called Kafka in the Tub. Enjoy!

K. found it impossible to exchange even just a few words with Miss Bürstner. He tried to reach her in many and various ways but she always found a way to avoid it. He would come straight home from the office, remain in her room without the light on, and sit on the sofa with nothing more to distract him than keeping watch on the empty hallway. If the maid went by and closed the door of the apparently empty room he would get up after a while and open it again. He got up an hour earlier than usual in the morning so that he might perhaps find Miss Bürstner alone as she went to the office. But none of these efforts brought any success.

Chapter Four
Miss Bürstner’s Friend

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