Monday, June 18, 2018

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More Like Abortion Ha Ha

NYIRIRIRIIRI: who's the my abortion person? that's kinda pretty funny
Me: i dunno. funny though. abortion is funny
NYIRIRIRIIRI: man when I had my abortion I couldn't stop laughing! even the doctors were like, Stop making us laugh, I can't keep the needle still enough to anesthetise you!
Me: i know right. niether could the fetus. all the way to heaven
NYIRIRIRIIRI: they said it was smillilng when it got sucked out. even when I went to confession about it, the priest couldn't contain himself. we were basically slapping our knees for five minutes
Me: and preists have no sense of humour either so you know that was a hilarious abortion
NYIRIRIRIIRI:Yeah! i think he blogged about it later
Me: oh shit i'm totally blogging this. right now
NYIRIRIRIIRI: oh shit! if you do you have to fix my spelling
Me: so my future abortion will know
NYIRIRIRIIRI: your future abortion will be so thankful you were so thoughtful!
Me: i hope so. i really do
NYIRIRIRIIRI: if only there was a greeting card for that specific life event. "To the most thoughtful father I never had, Because I never felt your hands holding me, because you paid for half of my exit from this world, because you were so web 2,0 savvy, I just want to say, THANK YOU."

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