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Roger Ebert: Certifiable Creationist On Ebert’s blog, the...

Roger Ebert: Certifiable Creationist

On Ebert’s blog, the above photo is accompanied by the following caption:

Photograph taken in Nevada in 1917, showing a footprint associated with a fossil claimed to be 200 million years old. Proof that man walked the earth with dinosaurs.

Hmmmmm… Proof indeed. But what comes next, a Q and A that Ebert has with himself, makes the above statement seem relatively sane. Excerpts:

Q. Was there a Noah, and did he have an Ark?

A. Certainly. There are many unverified reports of a massive wooden vessel on Mount Ararat. The Arc contained eight people, from whom we are all descended. It also contained two of each kind of animal. Since living species were obviously not created through an evolutionary process, every surviving land-based mammal species (about 5,400) had both ancestors on the Arc.

Q: What about dinosaurs?

A. They walked the earth at the same time as man, but were wiped out by the Flood, whose turbulence buried their bones in non-sequential sediments.

Q. What about oil and coal, which seem to have been generated from ancient forests millions of years ago?

A. They are evidence of a Great Flood about 4,400 years ago, which laid down all the layers of sediment at once. They are nowhere near as old as evolutionists and archeologists say. A fossil claimed to be 200 million years old, found in Nevada in 1917, shows a shoe print. [See photograph]

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