Thursday, April 19, 2018

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When Reality Becomes Drama, I Blog About It.

Charlize Theron joins an all-star cast in the based on a true story Battle In Seattle, which dramatizes that great stretch of television that was the WTO riots in 1999. Surely you remember drinking beer with your friends and laughing at a bunch of kids walking around Seattle in circles holding signs in a fog of tear gas, breaking the odd window here and there until everyone got bored and went home. Well now you’ve got Ray Liotta bringin the hammer down! Way better this way. Should also mention it was shot in Vancouver where we’re capable of riotting over Axl Rose not showing up for a gig. Now that’s a movie! I’m calling it Young Bangers In Love. A movie within a movie that’s based on the dramatization of a riot. It’s all about love. Metal, and love.

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