Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Gather Round Me Children A Story I Will Tell

I’m listening to Pink Floyd, The Wall, right now and reminiscing about the time I drove home wasted with the police following shortly behind my car so that they could verify where I lived, and who I was. I was having a lovely little time and rather forgot they were even there. Window rolled down, stereo blasting Floyd, and arm out the window. I have no idea what made them think I was in any condition to drive home, but I guess I was lucky as my drinking companion had just been taken to jail.

He thought it would be funny to put the empty paper bag from McDonald’s that was on the floor of my car on his head. I dunno, we were drunk. He was outside dancing like an idiot with the bag on his head in front of the car lights and before I could call him a loser there was a gun pointed at my head, and he was tackled by four cops.

They thought we were robbing the Bonanza steak house when in reality we were just waiting for the dishwasher to get off work because he had some weed. I felt like royalty getting a police escort home and listened to The Wall all the way there. My friend finally got released from a cell at 4am and had to take a cab home.

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