Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Because we have been waiting for you for a decade


okayfine: The Irish Heather: Cam accompanies Christy to meet...

okayfineThe Irish Heather: Cam accompanies Christy to meet David but is tardy; Dave leaves before they arrive, and therefore it is just the original ginger duo. Beers are ordered; Cam attempts to get fresh by playing footsie; Christy runs home to retrieve her forgotten phone. Surrey is discussed at length. Cam decides he wants a large piece of plaid fabric to drape around himself as a fashion item (it’s called a blanket, Cam) and shows off his new blazer. A cigarette puts the final touch on this last of the ginger lunches, an event that all folk who grace this neighbourhood shall remember with a glowing, orangey warmth in their loins for decades upon decades to come.

We also like fart jokes.

cameronr: Holy shit! Look how much fun we’re having! It’s been a great week Christy. Thank you. Oh, and you too, Dave. Sorry for being late.

davidlook: Assholes. Come over for dinner tonight. I have tasty leftovers, Martini ingredients and some coccaine.

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